Dialog: Function-Block: Linear-Motion

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Dialog: Function-Block: Linear-Motion

Linear-Motion FB

See Add Linear-Motion FB

The default motion-values at the output from the Linear-Motion FB are equal to the Master-Machine-Angle (MMA).

Use the output from the Linear-Motion FB as the machine-angle at the input to other Kinematic FBs.

Use the Linear-Motion dialog-box to edit the output relative to the Master-Machine-Angle.

Open Linear-Motion dialog-box


Edit the Linear-Motion FB:

1.Double-click the Linear-Motion FB in the graphic-area.

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

The Linear-Motion FB dialog-box is now open.

Linear-Motion dialog-box

The function of the Linear-Motion FB is:

If ResetRed-14-2: Output  = MMA + start-angle Red-14-1


If AccumulateRed-14-2: Output = (Revs × 360) + Master Machine Angle + Start-Angle Red-14-1

Linear Motion FB dialog-box

Linear Motion FB dialog-box

Start-Angle: Red-14-1

Enter a real number in the data-boxRed-14-1

A positive value will advance the timing relative to the MMA.

Output Options: Red-14-2

Reset each Cycle (default)
Output = Master Machine Angle + Red-14-1

Output = (Revs × 360) + Master Machine Angle + Red-14-1