Graph Function-Block: Graph Settings

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Graph Function-Block: Graph Settings

Graph FB > Settings dialog-box

Open Graph-Settings dialog-box


Graph Settings button is in the toolbar at the top of the Graph Interface.

1.Click the Graph Settings icon to open the Graph Settings form..

The settings are:

Graph Name

Color of each Graph Line

Maximum and Minimum scale for each Y-axis, or Set the limits for all of the Y-axes.

Maximum and Minimum scale for the X-axis

Graph-Settings dialog-box


Title and Y-axis Input Selection 


Graph Title

The Graph Title e.g. Pressure Angle, shows above the graph plots.

Y–axis Input

Click the drop-down to select for which Y-axis Input you want to edit

You can select:

Y1 to Y4


Set all : to apply the same Y-axis and X-axis settings to ALL Y-axis inputs.

Top Tip 1:

As an example, use Set all if the wires you connect to the input-connectors are all Pressure-Angles from different Cam-Data FBs. Then ALL Minimum and Maximum values of the graph-plots are equal for all of the 2D-Cams. It is then easier to analyze the Pressure Angles of up to 4 2D-Cams at the same time, and easily see their values.

Top-Tip 2: Use the Y Maximum and Y-Minimum settings for Radius-of-Curvature.

Y-Axis &  X-Axis 


The Y-axis parameters apply one the Y-axis Input or ALL Y-axis Inputs- see Title and Input Selection


Auto-Scale Y-Axis: check-box

Auto-scale Y-minimum / Y-minimum values for the Y-axis input

Enter the Y-maximum and Y-minimum values for the Y-axis input

Y maximum: / Y minimum: Edit when the Auto-Scale Y-axis check box is Clear

Graph Line color: click the Graph Line color button

Use the Windows® pop-up color picker, to select a different color.


The X-axis values apply to all graph plots.

Auto-Scale x-Axis:

Auto-scale the X-maximum and X-minimum values for the X-axis.

Enter the X-maximum and X-minimum values for the X-axis