Dialog: Function-Block: Point-Data

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Dialog: Function-Block: Point-Data

Point-Data FB

see Add Point-Data FB

Add a Point-Data FB to measure the motion of a Point with respect to the Base-Part.

Its three output-connectors give, with respect to the Mechanism Plane, the Point's:

motion-values parallel to the X-axis

motion-values parallel to the Y-axis

Magnitude of the motion-values equal to:

o√(X2 + Y2)

Note: Motion-Values include the Position, Velocity, and Acceleration.

Open Point-Data FB dialog-box


Edit the Point-Data FB:

1.Double-click the Point-Data FB in the graphic-area

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box  

The Point-Data dialog-box is now open.


Point-Data dialog-box


Select a Point:

1.a. Click a Point in the graphic-area


When the correct Point is in the selection-box.

2.Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Point-Data dialog-box

To use the Point-Data FB

How to Use :

Connect a wire from its output-connector to the input-connector of a Graph FB - plot the Position, Velocity and Acceleration of the Point in the X and Y–axis directions - see also: Top-Tip

Connect a wire from its output-connector to the input-connector of a Motion FB - use the motion of the Point as the independent (X-axis) for a Motion.

Top-Tip :

To plot Position, Velocity, and Acceleration of the same Point in one Graph FB:

1.Drag three wires from one output-connector to three different input-connectors of a Graph FB

2.Use the Y–axis display options to select each motion-derivatives.

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