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Project-Explorer | Selection-Window


The Selection-Window is at the top of the Project Explorer.

It shows the elements you click in the Graphic-Area or the Element-Explorer.

Selection-Window example:

Elements in the Selection-Window

Elements in the Selection-Window

Selection list Red-14-1

The elements when you click (or shift+click) one or more elements in the graphic-area or Element-Explorer.

Owner list Red-14-2

Mechanism: when the element is a child to a Mechanism-Editor.

Part: when the element is a child to a Part.

Contextual-menu in Selection-Window

Contextual menu in Selection-Window

Contextual menu in Selection-Window

To show the Contextual-Menu

1.Right-click MD-Right-Click-Pointer an element

Use the contextual-menu to:

Show Element References - see below

Edit element

Delete element

Rename element

Show Element References

Many elements need other elements to exist in the model. The other elements are Reference Elements.

For example: Reference Elements of a:

Line : are its start-Point and end-Point

Pin-Joint : are two Points, which may be the start-Point or end-Point of a Line or the center-Point of a Circle

Element References for a Pulley

Element References for a Pulley

To see the Reference Elements of an element:

1.Click (or SHIFT+Click*) an element in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree.

In the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the element for which you want to see its Reference-Elements.

3.Click View References in the contextual menu

* SHIFT-Click

Profile contours to see Extrusions

Sketch-elements to see Constraints

The columns in the dialog-box identify the element's:

References - the name of the Reference Elements, e.g. Profile

Element Type - the type of element, e.g. Point

Element Owner - to which the Reference Elements is a child, e.g. Part


When two or more Points are coincident, I may need to know the Line to which each Point is a child.

I click a Line, then click Show Reference Elements in the Selection-Window and make a note of each Point that is a child to the Line.