Example: Assembly-Tree in Explorer-Explorer

Assembly-Tree in Explorer-Explorer

The Assembly-Tree shows the Element Icon and Element Name of each element in the model.

We indent child elements relative to their parent elements.

Solved or Broken Kinematic-chains.

Next to each Part and Joint element, there is an icon to identify if the kinematic-chain is 'solved' or 'broken', as follows:

Red-14-1b KinChain-Solved A 'solved' kinematic-chain.  All of the Parts can stay joined for all positions of the machine-cycle.

Red-14-2 KinChain-NotSolved A 'broken' kinematic-chain. At least one Part in a dyad cannot 'reach' all positions in the machine-cycle, and a Joint must break.

Selected Elements:

When you click an element:

a squareRed-14-3 shows around the icon
the element shows in the Selection-Window


When you Right-click an element in the Assembly-Tree, a menu, which we call a Contextual-menu, shows next to your pointer.

In the image to the left, there is an orange rectangle around the contextual menu. This is for the purposes of the image to the left only.

You can use the menu to:

Edit Element
Delete [element]
Rename ... [element]

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