Example: Assembly-Tree in Explorer-Explorer

Assembly-Tree in Explorer-Explorer

The Assembly-Tree shows the:

Element Icon and Element Name of each element in the Model.

We indent each element that is a child to a parent element.

Solved or Broken Kinematic-chains.

Next to each Part and Joint element, there is an icon to identify if the kinematic-chain is 'solved' or 'broken', as follows:

1s-red KinChain-Solved A 'solved' kinematic-chain.  All of the Parts can stay joined for all positions of the machine cycle1s-red.

2s KinChain-NotSolved A 'broken' kinematic-chain. At least one Part in a dyad cannot 'reach' all positions in the machine cycle, and a Joint must break.

Selected Elements:

When you click an element, you will see:

an orange square3s around the icon
the element shows in the Selection-Window


When you Right-click an element in the Assembly-Tree, a menu shows next to your pointer. See image, near top.

You can use the menu to:

Edit Element
Delete [element]
Rename [element]

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