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Element Explorer | Assembly-Tree

Element-Explorer - Assembly-Tree

The elements you add to the model are in the Assembly-Tree.

Each element has an Element Icon and an Element Name.

Example: Assembly-Tree in Explorer-Explorer

Assembly-Tree in Explorer-Explorer

Each Mechanism-Editor is a descendent to the Plane to which you add the Mechanism-Editor

Parts Function-Blocks, Joint, Gears, Belts, ... are all children of Mechanism-Editors.

CAD-Lines, Profiles, 3D-Cams, and 2D-Cams are children of Parts.

Parts and Solved, Broken and Unsolved Kinematic-chains.

To the left of each Part, an icon identifies if the kinematic-chain to which it is associated, is 'solved', 'broken', or unsolved

Red-14-1b MD-KinChain-Solved a Solved Part and kinematic-chain: Mobility is zero AND all Parts can stay joined for all positions of the machine-cycle.

Red-14-2 MD-KinChain-NotSolved A solved kinematic-chain but it is broken. Mobility is zero BUT Parts cannot move to all positions that are pre-defined by the range of the Motion-Part.

MD-Blank-14x14-white MD-Kinematic-Chain-Unsolved An unsolved kinematic-chain. Mobility is greater than zero(0).

Selected Elements

When you click an element:

a squareRed-14-3 shows around the icon

the element shows in the Selection-Window


Right-click an element in the Assembly-Tree, to show a contextual-menu.

You can use the contextual-menu to:

Show Element References

Edit Element

Delete (element)

Rename ... (element)