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Project-Explorer | Element Explorer


The Element-Explorer is at the bottom of the Project-Explorer.

It shows the elements that are in the model.

There are three(3) Trees to explore.


Example Element in the Assembly-Tree of the Element-Explorer

Example Element in the Assembly-Tree of the Element-Explorer


It shows in the Model, Mechanism and Part-Editors.

It is a chronological and hierarchical list of the elements in the Model and Mechanism-Editor


It shows in the Model-Editor and Mechanism-Editors.

It is a list of the kinematic-chains in the active Mechanism-Editor.


It shows only when the Part-Editor is active.

It is a list of constraints and dimensions added to sketch-elements in the active Part-Editor.

It does not list the sketch-elements.

If you click an element in the Element-Explorer, it becomes RED (default color) in the graphic-area.