The Kinematics-Tree shows the kinematic-structure of each kinematic-chain.

MechDesigner compiles the Kinematic-Tree automatically as you add the different kinematic and machine elements to your model.


The header of the Kinematic-Tree has the name Mechanisms.


If a + is not to the left of 'Mechanisms', then click the 'Rebuild-Now Button'

TOP-TIP To find the kinematic-chain for a Part in your model:

1.Click the Kinematic Tree tab
2.Click the Part in the graph-area

The Kinematics-Tree will expand to show the element.

Structure of the Kinematics-Tree

Kinematic-Chains (Solved or Unsolved)
Kinematic Sub-assemblies
Kinematic Elements
Unsolved Mechs


These are either:

A.Icon-Solved-KinChain Kinematic-Chain

The Mobility of the kinematic-chain is equal to zero(0). You cannot 'drag' the Parts

The kinematic-chain is a kinematically-defined chain.

Explore these to find the Kinematic Sub-Assemblies (see below) and then the kinematic elements.

B.Icon-NotSolved-KinChain Unsolved Mechs

The Mobility of each kinematic-chains is greater than zero(0).  You can 'drag' the Parts

You can also explore these kinematic-chains.  However, you will see only Parts and Joints.

Example: Kinematics-Tree in Element-Explorer

Example: Kinematics-Tree in Element-Explorer

Kinematic-Sub-Assemblies (Solved Mechanisms ONLY):

3.Dyads - all dyads have two Parts and three Joints

Note: Dyads terms: R : Revolute = Pin-Joint : P : Prismatic = Slide-Joint : S : Spherical = Ball-Joint

a. RRR
b. RRP
c. RPR
d. PRP
e. RPP
f. Ram-R
g. Ram-P
h. SSR
i. SSP
5.Rack-Pinion / Pinion-Rack
6.Geared-Pulley - a Pulley-Path, Part and Joint


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