When you start the Part-Editor, the Geometry-Tree replaces the Kinematics-Tree.


This is the symbol at the head of the Geometry-Tree - labelled 'Constraint-Loops'.

Example: Geometry in Element-Explorer

Example: Geometry in Element-Explorer

What is a Constraint-Loop?

Each Constraint-Loop [labelled as 'Constraints'] lists the constraints that you have added to or between sketch-elements. The Points are also in the Constraint Loop.

Constraints that relate a set of sketch-elements are listed in one Constraint-Loop.

Constraints that relate a different set of sketch-elements are in a different Constraint-Loop.

If a Constraint relates the two different sets of sketch-elements, the two Constraint-Loops combine into one Constraint-Loop that lists all of the Constraints.

For example:

A Horizontal Constraint is given to two different Lines to give two Constraint Loops.
Then a Horizontal Constraint between a point in each of the Lines will result in one Constraint-Loop, with all three Horizontal Constraints.


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