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Element-Explorer - Geometry-Tree

Note: If you cannot explore the Geometry-Tree, click Edit menu > Rebuild now.

The Geometry-Tree replaces the Kinematics-Tree when you start the Part-Editor.

Example Geometry-Tree

Example: Geometry in Element-Explorer

Example: Geometry in Element-Explorer

What is a Constraint-Loop?

A Constraint-Loop (labeled Constraints) is a list of the constraints that are between a set of sketch-elements.

If you add a Constraint between sketch-elements that are in different Constraint-Loops, they combine to give one Constraint-Loop.

For example:

Add Horizontal Constraint to Line1 = Constraint Loop #1

Add Horizontal Constraint to Line2 = Constraint Loop #2

There are 2 × Constraint Loops.

Add a Horizontal Constraint between a Point in Line 1 and a Point in Line 2, =

Now there is 1 × Constraint Loop

Constraints and the Selection-Window

If you:

Click a Line :

the Line shows in the Selection-Window

SHIFT+Click a Line :

the Line AND any Constraints that have been added to the Line show in the Selection-Window.