Configure Power Source / Change-Dyad-Closure

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Configure Power Source / Change-Dyad-Closure

Kinematics-Tree - contextual-menus

Configure Power Source

See also : Forces toolbar > Configure Power Source

To Configure Power-Source dialog-box:

1.Click a kinematic-chain so that a Red or Orange square encloses the icon

2.Right-click to show 'CONFIGURE POWER SOURCE'

3.Left-click the 'CONFIGURE POWER SOURCE' text to open the dialog.

Change Dyad Closure

See also : Kinematic elements toolbar > Change Dyad Closure - it is more convenient.

You can Change the Dyad Closure of the RRR, RRP, RPP dyads.

To change the closure of a dyad from the Kinematics-Tree

1.Click the Dyad so that a Red or Orange square encloses its icon

2.Right-click the icon to show Change Dyad Closure next to you mouse-pointer

3.Click the Change Dyad Closure text to change the Dyad closure

The Select Elements dialog-box shows.

4.Click a Part in the Select-Elements dialog-box

5.Close MD-OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Select-Elements dialog-box

6.Click MD-OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manger to change the closure of the Dyad

Note: It is much easier to this tool: Kinematics elements toolbar > Change Dyad Closure.