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File | Save



File menu > Save...

File toolbar > Save...

Save the model to the active file-name.

Note: Auto-save only starts when the model has a file-name.

This command saves two files and file-types. The two files are:


The CXL file-type is for the MechDesigner model.


The MTD file-type is for the MotionDesigner motions.

We save all of the motions to file-name.MTD file.

If the model does not have a file-name, Save As... dialog-box opens.

About MotionDesigner files.

You do NOT need to save your motions. They are saved at the same time as you save your model.

However, you have the option to save one or all of the motions to a different file-name.MTD, see:

MotionDesigner > File toolbar > Save all Motions, Save all Motions as ... , Save Active Motion.

It is sometimes helpful to save a motion and immediately Open and Append the motion to give an identical motion in a different Motion name-tab. You can edit then experiment with one of the motions.


See also:

File menu > Save as

Edit menu > Application-Settings > General Tab > File Options: Auto-Save

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