File | Save

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File | Save

File > Save

Save the model to the active file-name.



File menu > Save...

File toolbar > Save...

Note : Auto-save only starts when the model has a file-name.

This command saves two(2) files:

file-name.CXL for the MechDesigner model.

file-name.MTD for all of the MotionDesigner motions.

If the model does not have a file-name, the Save As... dialog-box opens.

MotionDesigner motion files.

It is also possible to save motions to a different file-name.MTD

Use MotionDesigner > File toolbar >

Save all Motions

- or -

Save all Motions as  

- or -

Save Active Motion only

See also:

File menu > Save as

Edit menu > Application-Settings > General Tab > File Options: Auto-Save