File menu > Save as...

File toolbar > Save as

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File > Save as file-types >

tog_minus        CXL

Save the model.

The CXL and MTD files are saved together. These are the MechDesigner 'native' files.

tog_minus        LXL

Save the model that is in the active Mechanism-Editor as the LXL file-type.

This is a Library File.

See also : File Open

tog_minus        ZXL

The ZXL file-type compresses the CXL and MTD files, and all STL, and DXF files that might be in the model.

Important: the model needs a CXL file-name, before you can save the model to a ZXL with the same file-name.

If the model does not have a file-name, then do

1.File menu > Save as... to the CXL file-type BEFORE
2.File menu > Save as... to the ZXL file-type.

Use the same file-name for the ZXL.

If there are STL files in the model, and you want to also save the original SolidWorks SLDPRT and SLDASM documents to the ZXL file:

1.Exit SolidWorks BEFORE
2.File menu > Save as... to the ZXL file-type.


You can use WinZip® or 7Zip®  to unzip the ZXL file.

tog_minus        DXF

To save a DXF of the Mechanism-Editor or a Part, then do:

1.Click a Mechanism element or a Part element in the Assembly-Tree.

The Mechanism or Part element must show in the Selection-Window.

2.Click File menu > Save as...
3.Select the DXF as the file-type in the Save As... dialog

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