See below for Release 13.1 and older.

We recommend that you re-build Camlinks models from the beginning in MechDesigner.

You will remember the design decisions that you made when building the original Camlinks model.
When you open a Camlinks file, MechDesigner adds many elements that you do not need.
We will be able to support you.
We prefer to help you use MechDesigner, not how to use Camlinks.
This Camlinks import option cannot be guaranteed to be perfect in every respect.



'Locked Points': After you open a .MEC file, Points become 'locked'

You cannot use the dimension tool in the Part-Editor to edit the dimension of a Locked Point

To edit the Position of the Locked Point:

1.Double-click the Point to open the Point Vectors and Display dialog-box
2.Edit the 'x' and 'y' values in the dialog-box with 'Part Local Coordinates'.

If you want to dimension the Locked Point in the Part-Editor:

1.Double-click the Point to open the Point Vectors and Display dialog-box.
2.Clear the Lock and Specify check box,
3.Click OK to close the dialog-box.
4.Start the Part-Editor to add dimensions to specify the position of the Point.

See Point Vectors and Display dialog-box.

History Note for Camlinks, and Camlinks Import Limitations.

MOTION: Camlinks4 vs Camlinks3

1.'Camlinks4': Mechanisms and motions are saved in the .MEC files. The motions were defined with segment and motion parameters. Open a '.MEC' file in MechDesigner to recreate the motions with motion segments in MotionDesigner.
2.'Camlinks3': Mechanisms and motions are saved in the .MEC files. However, motions were defined with a series of numbers. Open a '.MEC' file in MechDesigner to recreate the motion, but with a Z Raw Data segment in MotionDesigner.
3.To help you recreate the motion design, save the Z Raw Data Segment as an Overlay Motion and use it as an overlay. See MotionDesigner: Overlay Trace

'Throw' Motion-Law

These are available in Camlinks but not imported into MotionDesigner. However, it is possible to design the Throw Motion-Law with two segments and the correct Blend-point Control Button conditions. We can give a Video on request.


Auto-Adjust is not recreated. However, we have a better tool, which we call Magnetic-Joint.

View Outline On/Off as a Function of the Master Machine Angle

MechDesigner uses the Pattern Element - Release 7+

Camlinks Outlines

Camlinks Outlines are DXF Drawings that you have imported onto Parts in Camlinks. The lines and arcs in the DXF Drawing were converted to 'Camlinks Outlines'. They were 'dumb'. You could not edit them in Camlinks.

When you open a Camlinks file with 'Outlines' in MechDesigner, you have three options available. See below.


We do not import these dyads. You can design the SSR Dyad in MechDesigner. MechDesigner can also make an SSP Dyad.

RamR and RamP Dyads

We do not import these dyads. If you use these Dyads, MechDesigner will crash (23-03-2013)

Forces, Forcebars, Torquebars

Use MechDesigner to add and show forces and torques in your kinematic-chains.


When a Cam-Follower Roller has 0mm diameter in Camlinks – to define the Pitch-Curve of the Cam – MechDesigner will re-define it as 0.1mm, not as 0.0mm.

You must edit the 0.1mm dimension to make it equal to the real Cam-Follower Radius. Then, to show the Pitch-Curve, use the Pitch-Circle-Path check-box in the Cam Display dialog-box.

Camlinks dialog box


When you start MechDesigner, the 'Open MEC File' icon in the File toolbar is disabled.

The command is not available in the File menu.

To open a MEC file, first add a Mechanism-Editor.

STEP 1: Add a Mechanism to the Model

See Add Mechanism in the Model menu.

Step 1 is complete


The Open .MEC File icon becomes active.

STEP 2: Click the 'Open .MEC File' icon in the File toolbar
Click to Expand / Collapse
Click to Expand / Collapse
STEP 3: Select a .MEC file
STEP 4: Click 'Open'

The dialog-box below will open:

WAIT until the Camlinks Model Elements dialog-box, as shown below, opens fully. All of the dialog should show.

Click to Expand / Collapse
Click to Expand / Collapse

The top of the dialog-box shows the selected file-name.MEC file.


Import Options:

Camlinks Outline Import Options.

o'Do not import Camlinks Outlines'
o'Import as Camlinks Outlines – fast, fixed' - Recommended when you open a Camlinks file for the first time.
o'Import as MechDesigner Sketch-Elements' slow, flexible' [Be careful, especially with a large .DXF file].

Import Parameters:

Outline Arc Quality – experiment with the slider
Sketch-Element Merge-Point Radius. Leave as default is best.

Offsets to apply to Camlinks model on import

Specify an offset distance, if any, for the imported mechanisms.

STEP 5: Make your selections, above, or leave as default, in the dialog-box
STEP 6: Click Apply button.

WAIT until the Apply button changes from a 'blue' colour, to its normal state. The Camlinks must be open in the graphic-area.

STEP 7: Finally, click OK


If you have imported 'Camlinks Outlines' you can hide them with the Show or Hide Camlinks Outlines tool in the Display Toolbar.

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