Open LXL File-Type

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Open LXL File-Type

Library file:

Open a Library file (LXL file-type) previously saved to any path.

See also Import Library File for Standard Library Files, that we supply with MechDesigner, and your User Library Files, that you have also saved to your secure path.

1.Click to preselect a Plane, a Part, or Nothing:

If you:

Preselect a Plane - the Library file opens onto a new Mechanism-Editor that is added to the Plane

Preselect a Part - the Library fie opens onto the Part as a child to the Part.

Preselect nothing - the Library fie opens and merges with the active Mechanism-Editor.

2.Click File > Open

The Windows® File Open interface starts.

2.In the Files of type drop-down, select Library files (*.LXL)


4.Explore to, and select, a Library File

5.Click the Open button

6.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager

Depending on the element you preselect (Plane, Part, or Nothing), you should now see the Library file as a new Mechanism-Editor, as a child to a Part, or it is merged with the active Mechanism-Editor.