Library file Restrictions:

Select the Plane onto which you want to put the Library file before you use Open > File-type: Library File.

1.Click a Plane that is a child to the active editor.

The Plane MUST show in the Selection-Window

2.Click File > Open

The Windows® File Open interface starts.

3.In the Files of type drop-down, select Library files (*.LXL)


4.Explore to, and select, a Library File.
5.Click the Open button
6.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.


1.Adds a new Mechanism-Editor name-tab.
2.Adds the model in the Library File to the Plane and new Mechanism-Editor

tog_minusTo move a model to a different Plane:

You can use the Library file-type to move the kinematic-chains that are modelled in one Mechanism-Editor to a different Mechanism-Editor and Mechanism-Plane.

1.Save your model, in the normal way, as a backup - see Save As
2.Click the name-tab of the Mechanism-Editor with the kinematic-chains you want to move
3.Click File > Save as : File of type LXL
4.Open the Library File - see Open Library File
5.Select a different Plane for the new Mechanism-Editor
6.Save your model with a new file-name.
7.Delete the original Mechanism-Editor

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