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File | Import Library File

Import Library Files

A Library-File is a model that you can import as part of the active model. It has the LXL file-type. Generally, you import a Library File to save time.

There are two Libraries.

Standard Library

If you have Annual Support with your license, you will have a Standard Library. This includes a number of Library Files that will be helpful to you.


You can also maintain a User Library that is specific to your machine models.

You must first save a Library File to the path, or sub-path, that you specify in Edit menu > Application-Settings > General tab > File Options > User Library Files

To specify a different path for the User Library, click in the User Library Files box, and browse to a different path.

See: Save as LXL

Small Warnings

You cannot undo Import Library File - you can, however, delete its individual elements from the graphic-area and the Assembly-Tree.

If you Import a Library File immediately after you start MechDesigner, save the model to a file-name.CXL as Auto-save will start only when the model has a file-name.


File toolbar > Open Library File


Import Library Files

STEP 1: Click File toolbar > Import Library-File

There are two Libraries:

Standard Library

PSMotion supply these Library files when you select Annual Support for your License.

User Library

You can create a Library of your own See Note 1 and Note 2:

The Import Library Files interface includes to the:

Left - the name of the Library-Files

Left of each Library-File - a schematic thumbnail of the Library-File

Top-Right - a preview image of the Library-File

Bottom-Right - a description of the Library-File

STEP 2: Browse to and select a Library File

STEP 3: Click the Load button at the top and left-side of the preview image.

Warning - You cannot undo this action. However, you can delete the elements from the Assembly-Tree and graphic-area in the normal way.

Warning - Each time you click the Load button, you will load a Library File, even if you load the same one again!

Warning - If you start MechDesigner and immediately open a Library-File, the model will not auto-save until you save the model with a new file-name.CXL. - see File menu > Save as

I would experiment with this tool before you import a Library File onto a model.

Note 1: The other File-Types

To get the full benefits of the Import Library File interface, you should also save file with these file extensions:

PNG - preview - use File menu > Print > Save Image to save an image as a preview of the Library-File model

RTF - description - use Word® to describe the model, and what to edit (typically with a Design-Set)

PNG - thumbnail/schematic - use an image-editor to create and save an image that is EXACTLY: 24x24 pixels, with a transparent background

The file-names should be EXACTLY the same file-name as the Library file-name, but obviously have different file-extensions.

Save each file to the same path as the User Library Files - see User Library.