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File | Import Library File

A Library-File is a model that you can import into the active model. Its file-type is LXL.

Generally, you import a Library File to save time.

The Import Library File interface - see below - links to the:

Standard Library - those customers that choose Annual Support can download these models from our website.

User Library - You can make a Library of your own - see Notes below

Small Warnings

You cannot undo Import Library File. You can, however, delete its individual elements.

If you Import a Library File immediately after you start MechDesigner, the model will not have a file-name.

Auto-save will start only after you save the model.

Import a Library File:

STEP 1: Click to preselect a Plane, or a Part, or Nothing

If you preselect (and the element in the Selection-Window) a:

Plane - the Library file opens onto a new Mechanism-Editor that is added to the Plane

Part (or Base-Part) - the Library fie opens onto the Part as a child to the Part  - the Library file can be Geometry or a Kinematic model.

Nothing - the Library fie opens and merges with the active Mechanism-Editor.

STEP 2: File toolbar > Import Library-File

Import Library File interface

Import Library File interface

STEP 3: Browse to find Standard or a User Library file

When you click a Library file, you will see

Red-14-3 A preview image of the Library-File

Red-14-4 A description of the Library File and how to edit its parameters.

STEP 4: Click the Load buttonRed-14-5

Note: To add to your User Library

Save a model as a Library File in the User Library path

To get the most from your User-Library, save these files in addition to the LXL file:

LibraryFile.PNG - use File menu > Print > Save Image to save an image as a preview of the Library-File.

LibraryFile.RTF - use Word®, for example, to describe the model and what to edit (usually with a Design-Set).

LibraryFilename24.PNG - use an image-editor to make an image that is 24x24 pixels, with a transparent background (Note that the file-name is appended with 24.