Add Transition Curve

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Add Transition Curve

The Transition-Curve is not available with the Trial License.

It is ONLY available with the Premium License.

About Transition-Curve

The PSMotion Transition-Curve© is used to eliminate:

the Polygonal-Action, also referred to as Chordal-Action, and

the Linear Velocity-Discontinuity

each time a chain-link moves onto a chain-sprocket (chain-tooth).

About Polygonal-Action (Chordal Action) and Chains

Standard Sprocket and Polygonal Action

Standard Sprocket and Polygonal Action

The sprocket with number of teeth, with a tooth pitch, , rotates at a constant speed, (RPM).

In the top image, the chain is tangent with the Pitch-Circle of the Sprocket.  However, when the sprocket rotates by radians, the chain link is nearer to the center of the sprocket. Therefore, as the chain moves up and down, the effective radius of the sprocket changes to give a uneven, non-constant chain velocity.

The linear speed of the chain is maximum in the top image.

The linear speed of the chain is a minimum in the bottom image.

The e Linear-Acceleration of the chain is discontinuous at the instant the chain starts to move upwards.

Polygonal-Action creates two(2) problems

Velocity Variation in the Chain

In the general case, if a Driving Sprocket is rotating at constant Angular Velocity, the chain does not move at constant Linear Velocity.

The ratio of Maximum and Minimum Velocity increases as you reduce the number-of-teeth on the drive sprocket.

Tension Variation in the Chain.

As a chain link engages with a tooth, the chain accelerates, and thus there is a tension variation.

Also, the pitch of the chain link is not constant.

Usually, it is recommended that you use more than 17 teeth on a standard sprocket. Bicycle sprockets have fewer, but the derailleur compensates for the velocity and tension-variations.

Add Transition-Curve


Toolbar :

Part-Editor : Geometry Toolbar > Transition-Curve

Menu :

Part-Editor : Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Transition-Curve

To add a Transition-Curve

1.Click Geometry-toolbar > Transition-Curve

2.Drag to add a Line

The Transition-Curve is added.

You can see that the Transition Curve is easy to add. However, it must be used with Pulleys and Chains to be useful.


A Tutorial will show you how to apply the Transition Curve to a Long-Link Chain.