Geometry | Merge Points

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Geometry | Merge Points

About Merge-Points

Merge-Points combines two Points* into one Point.

The Points that merge into one Point can be start-Points, end-Points, centre-Points, and/or two Points.

When to use Merge-Points:

To sketch Closed Sketch-Loops for a Profile / Extrusion

To sketch Open or Closed Sketch-Loop for Motion-Paths, Belts, motion Guidance.

To merge the Lines-of-Centers for Gear-Trains

See also: sketch-path, Add Coincident-Constraint.

See also: Hover+Drag technique , which is much more efficient than the Merge-Points command.



Toolbar :

Part-Editor : Geometry Toolbar

Menu :

Part-Editor : Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Merge-Points

To Merge-Points*

If there are two separate Points:

1.Part-Editor: Click Geometry-toolbar > Merge-Points

2.Part-Editor: Click a Point* that belongs to a sketch-element

3.Part-Editor: Click a Point* that belongs to a different sketch-element

4.Part-Editor: Click the graphic-area


If there are two coincident Points, then

1.Click, with one click, the two coincident Points

2.Click Geometry-toolbar > Merge-Points

The two Points* are now Merged to one Point.

* Points - usually start-Point, end-Point, or center-Point of a sketch-element.


You CANNOT merge a Point* with the start-Point or end-Point of the CAD-Line of an Added-Part.

You CAN, however, merge a start-Point or end-Point of a sketch-element if you drag to or from the start-Point or end-Point of the CAD-Line

Merge-Point in the Graphic-Area, Selection-Window and Geometry-Tree.




In Selection-Window &




Two different Points at the end of sketch-elements.

Click a Point and then a different Point. One Point is deleted (Compare with CoincidentPtoP), and the sketch-elements move together.

A Point




Two Coincident Points

A Point and the Coincident constraint is deleted

A Point




As you add a new sketch-element (Line, Arc, Blend-Curve), hover above a Point at the end of an existing sketch-element, then drag to add the new sketch-element.

A Point – rather than two

See sketch-loops.

Video of Merge-Points - Hover Technique only.


How to add a Sketch-Loop - Hover Technique