2.1 Model-Editor:

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2.1 Model-Editor:

2r Model-Editor

The Model-Editor is the view of the General-Assembly for your model. There is only one Model-Editor.

The Reference Triad shows the Global XYZ-axes.

The direction of each axis uses the right-hand rule. The:

thumb finger points to the positive X direction

index finger points to the positive Y direction

middle finger points to the positive Z direction, normal to the X and Y directions

There are three(3) fixed Planes. They are the:

Front Plane, which is co-planar with the Global XY-axes

Top Plane, which is coplanar with the Global ZX-axes

Right Plane, which is coplanar with the Global YZ-axes

Model-Editor workspace



Graphic-Area : shows the fixed Planes (and other Planes that you add to the model), the Reference Triad, and the Solid elements that you add to the model.

Model toolbar : this toolbar is to the left of the graphic-area

Name-tab : the default name of the Model-Editor is Model

Menu and Toolbar:

The Model elements toolbar has two commands that you can use in the Model-Editor.

The two commands are also in the Add menu.

Model elements toolbar - Add Plane, and Add Mechanism-Editor.

You can add Planes that are offset from one of the three fixed Planes - see Add Plane

You must add a minimum of one Mechanism-Editor to a Plane - see Add Mechanism

You do most of your modelling in Mechanism-Editors.

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