2.1 Model-Editor:

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2.1 Model-Editor:

2r Model-Editor

There is one(1) Model-Editor. It is equivalent to a General Assembly.

When you start MechDesigner, the active editor is the Model-Editor.

Note: You must use the Model-Editor to add a minimum of one Mechanism-Editor to a Plane. You can add the Mechanism-Editor to a fixed Plane, or you can add it to a new Plane that is offset from a fixed Plane.

Model-Editor workspace



Graphic-Area : shows the fixed Planes and Axes, and also Solid elements that are in the model.

Toolbar : to the left only of the graphic-area -see below

Name-tab : there is one Model-Editor and one Model name-tab, default name is Model


You can edit the Model element.

See Model Options dialog-box.

Menus and Toolbars:

Model elements - in the Model-Editor

Model elements - in any Mechanism-Editor