5r MotionDesigner

Use MotionDesigner to add, name and design motions. Each motion has a unique name, shown in the Motion name-tab.

The steps below, give the full details of how to link that motion to a Motion FB, and which of the other options you need to apply.

To Link a Motion to a Part

STEP 1: Add a Motion FB to the graphic-area
2.Click the graphic-area

The Motion FB is now in the graphic-area.

STEP 2: Open the Motion FB dialog-box
1.Double-click a Motion FB in the graphic-area.

- or -

1.Click the Motion FB one time

The Motion FB element is now in the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the Motion FB element in the Selection-Window.

A contextual-menu shows next to your mouse-pointer.

3.Click Edit Element in the contextual-menu

The Motion FB dialog-box is now open.


STEP 3: Edit the Motion FB dialog-box:

Select MotionRed-14-1

Select a motion from the Motions you have designed in MotionDesigner.

1.Click the down-arrow list box, to show the motions with the same names as the Motion name-tabs.
2.Click the motion name that you want to link to the Motion FB.

Output OptionRed-14-2

Reset output : Default option, and is used most frequently.
Accumulate output : Select only when the motion is a progressive motion (e.g.: indexing)

Output Data TypeRed-14-3

Motion: Default and will apply in most cases
Linear or Rotary : Select when the Motion will apply to a Motion-Path FB

Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Motion FB dialog-Box.

STEP 4: Connect wires
1.Connect a wire to the input-connector of the Motion FB

Typically (but not always), connect a wire from the output of a Linear-Motion FB or a Gearing FB to the input-connector of the Motion FB.

When you cycle the model, the motion-values at its input-connector become the X-axis motion-values of the Motion you select in STEP 3.

2.Connect a wire from the output-connector of the Motion FB

You can connect many wires from the output-connector to different Function-Blocks.

Typically (not always), connect a wire to the input of a Gearing FB, or a Motion-Dimension FB or a Motion-Path FB

When you cycle the model, the motion-values at its output-connector become the Y-axis motion-values of the Motion you select in STEP 3.


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