The Command-Manager is a short dialog that becomes active when you start a command to add a new element.


When you start a command, the Command-Manager shows:

A: Instruction1s-red [The 'hint' is also in the Feedback Area]

B: Dialog 2s

There are one to five selection-boxes which show the elements that you must select to add the new element.

Each selection-box has:

3s  Above it, a 'contextual, generic name of the element you must select'.

4s  A small contextual icon to its left, to help identify the element you must select

5s A green tick to its right to show a selection has been made

6s  An orange cross to its right to show a selection has not been made.

C:  'Close' Action7s Click the:

'Tick' to complete the command [also 'Right-click' in the graphic-area.

'Cross' to close the command, and do not add the new element

'Page' to clear the elements from each selection box. You can also click in a selection-box to 'clear' the elements.


How to select elements for the Command-Manager

1.You must click an element that is the correct type of element for each selection-box
2.You must click each element, in order, from the top 1-Square-Red to the bottom selection-box 3-Square-Red
3.Click the element in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree, of the correct element type.
4.When you select an element, the next selection-box becomes active automatically.
5.Do not click in any selection box, as this will clear all of the elements from the selection-boxes.

If you do click a selection-box, you must click the top selection-box, to start the selections again.

In this example, you must select elements in order:

1sg > 2sg > 3sg

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