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Project-Explorer | Command-Manager


The Command-Manager shows in the Project-Explorer  when you must select other elements to do a command.

Select the elements from the graphic-area, Assembly-Tree, or Selection-Window.

Command-Manager example :


Example: Add Motion-Dimension FB

Red-14-1b Name of the Command and Short Instruction

Red-14-2 Selection-Boxes.

For each Selection-Box, there is:

Red-14-3 Above : a label for the element-type you must select

Red-14-4 Left : an icon to help you identify the element-type

Red-14-5 Right: MD-OK the icon when the correct element-type is in the selection-box


Red-14-6 Right: MD-CM-Cross-22x20 the icon when there is not an element in the selection-box

Note: you cannot select an element that is not contextual to the selection-box.


Example continued:

To select the elements for the selection-boxes:

1.Click an element that is contextual to the top selection-boxRed-14-8

The next selection box Red-14-9 becomes active automatically.

2.Continue to click elements that are contextual for each selection-box

When the bottom selection-box Red-14-10a has an element. you can complete the command.

To complete the command:

When all selection-boxes have elements, the OK-tiny-13-17 Red-14-7 becomes colorized: and you can complete the command.

1.Click OK-tiny-13-17 Red-14-7


1. MD-Right-Click-Pointer Right-click in the graphic-area (usually recommended)

To exit or start the command again:

1.Click MD-Cross-16x16 Red-14-7 to exit the command, and do not add the new element


1.Click MD-Clear19x19 Red-14-7 to clear the elements from all selection-boxes, and select each element again.