Step 6A.7: Add Polyline and Profile to 2D-Cam

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Step 6A.7: Add Polyline and Profile to 2D-Cam

Summary of the Step.

Note: You do not need to do this step to get Cam-Coordinates.

Add a Polyline and a Profile to the Cam-Track of Cam 1 and show it as a Solid.

A Polyline is a sketch-element that is a copy of the 2D-Cam.

If the 2D-Cam changes its shape, you must update the Polyline.

Why add a Polyline and Profile to a Cam?

Only if you want to:

Show the Cam as a Solid to check for collisions.

Find its Mass Properties: Mass, center-of-Mass, and Moment-of-Inertia. e.g. if you want to balance the Cam.

Include the Mass of the Cam with a Force Analysis.

Summary of this Step:

Do these commands.

1.Add Polyline to the Cam-1

2.Add Profile to the Polyline

tog_minusVideo of this Step
tog_minusAdd a Polyline
tog_minusAdd a Profile to the Polyline