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Do Add 2D-Cam.

After the 2D-Cam is in the graphic-area, we open the 2D-Cam dialog-box.

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Tutorial 6A-5

Add the 2D-Cam


btn_delkeywordAdd the 2D-Cam


STEP 1: Machine-elements toolbar > Add 2D-Cam



1.Mechanism-Editor: Click Machine-elements toolbar > Add 2D-CamRed-14-1b

We only need to select two elements to add the 2D-Cam.



1.Mechanism-Editor: Click the Part-Outline of the Cam-Shaft
2.Mechanism-Editor: Click the Profile/Extrusion of the Cam-Roller




Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager.


MechDesigner draws immediately the Internal and External Cam-Tracks

Cam 1Red-14-4 – may be the External or the Internal Cam-Track
Cam 2Red-14-5 – may be the Internal or the External Cam-Track

STEP 2: Cycle the model
1.Run > Cycle, or do ALT+C key combination.

You will see the 2D-Cam rotate. The Cam-Roller is in continuous contact with it.

Save your Mechanism

btn_delkeywordThe 2D-Cam dialog box

The 2D-Cam dialog-box has a number of parameters that include its Engineering Parameters and how you can display it in the graphic-area.

We use the 2D-Cam dialog-box to hide the external Cam-Track.


STEP 1: Edit the 2D-Cam
1.Assembly-Tree: Click the 2D-Cam - it is a child to the Cam-Shaft Part, and Cam-Plate

The 2D-Cam shows in the Selection-Window

2.Selection-Window: Right-click the 2D-Cam
3.Click Edit element in the contextual-menu.

The 2D-Cam dialog-box opens.


STEP 2: Hide the External Cam n the 2D-Cam dialog-box.
1.2D-Cam dialog-box: Click the Cam Display tab ....
2.2D-Cam dialog-box: Click Cam Visibilities ...
3.2D-Cam dialog-box: Click Cam 1 to clear its check-box
4.2D-Cam dialog-box: Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the dialog-box.


Now only the Internal Cam shows in the model.

Save your Mechanism

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