Objective of this Tutorial

The objective of this step is to add a 2D-Cam. It is easy!

Summary of this Step

In this Step, we use Add 2D-Cam.

After the 2D-Cam is in the graphic-area, we open the 2D-Cam Properties and Display dialog-box to review its display options.

* The Internal and External Cam is referred to as Cam 1 and Cam 2.


Tutorial 6A-6

tog_minusAdd the 2D-Cam


STEP 1: Click Add 2D-Cam in the Machine-elements toolbar
- or -
Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add 2D-Cam


STEP 2: Click the elements in the selection-boxes of the Command-Manager - from top to bottom:


STEP 2: a) Select a Part for the 2D-Cam

Select the Part-Outline1s-red of the Part that is the 'cam-shaft'. See Step 6A.5.

STEP 3: b) Select a Profile to be the Cam-Roller:

Select the Circle2s that is the shape of the Cam-Roller. See Step 6A.4.




STEP 4: Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager.


MechDesigner draws two 2D-Cams in the graphic-area.

Cam 11s-red – may be the External or the Internal 2D-Cam
Cam 22s – may be the External or the Internal 2D-Cam
STEP 5: Cycle the Machine

Short-cut for 'Cycle' or 'Run continuously' is 'C' on your keyboard.

You will see the 2D-Cam rotate. The Cam-Follower is in continuous contact with it.

Note: If the Cam-Follower is not in contact with the Cam, then rebuild the model. Click, two times, the Auto-Update tool [Traffic-Lights' icon in the Edit toolbar

tog_minusThe 2D-Cam dialog box

The 2D-Cam dialog-box has a number of parameters that include its Engineering Parameters and how you can display it in the graphic-area.

In this tutorial, we use the 2D-Cam dialog-box to hide one of the cam-tracks.


STEP 1: Double-click a 2D-Cam in the Assembly-Tree or graphic-area


See How to Open an Element's dialog-box


In the 2D-Cam dialog-box.

STEP 2: Click the Cam Display separator

Cam 1, Pitch-Path and Cam 2 each have a check box

Click the check box to show or hide each one in the graphic-area.

You can click one, two or all three check boxes.

You must click a minimum of one check box.

STEP 3: Click Cam 1, Cam 2 or Pitch-Curve, or all three, to hide or show a Cam or Pitch-Curve

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