Step 6A.1: Add the Tool Slide-Joint

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Step 6A.1: Add the Tool Slide-Joint

Summary of this Step

1.We add a Part that becomes the Tool-Part.

2.We sketch the shape of the Tool - to practice using the Part-Editor.

3.We add a Slide-Joint between a Line in the Tool-Part and a Line in the Base-Part

Video (Step 6A.1 Only)


Video: Add Tool-Part


tog_minusAdd the Tool-Part and sketch-loop.
tog_minusAdd a Slide-Joint

The SYMBOL for a Slide-Joint

The Symbol for a Slide-Joint

The Symbol for a Slide-Joint

The complete symbol for the Slide-Joint is:

A narrow-rectangle and a wide-rectangleRed-14-1bRed-14-2.

The length of each rectangle is equal to the length of each Line in the Slide-Joint. The:

Narrow rectangleRed-14-1b : length of the Line if the Base-Part (a slide-rail ? )

Wide rectangleRed-14-2 : length of the CAD-Line in the Tool-Part)  ( a slide-block ? )

ALSO: a small arrowheadRed-14-3 that is the Positive-Direction of the Slide-Joint.

The Positive-Direction is from the start-Point to the end-Point of the Line in the Base-Part and the CAD-Line in the Part.