Summary of this Step

1.We add a Part that becomes the Tool-Part.
2.We sketch the shape of the Tool - to practice using the Part-Editor.
3.We add a Slide-Joint between a Line in the Tool-Part and a Line in the Base-Part
btn_delkeywordVideo (Step 6A.1 Only)


Tutorial 6A.1: Add 2D-Cam

Add Tool-Part



btn_delkeywordAdd the Tool-Part and sketch-loop.


STEP 1: Add a new Mechanism-Editor to the Front-Plane
1.File menu > New
2.Model-Editor: Model toolbar > Add Mechanism
3.Model-Editor: Click the Front Plane
4.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.



STEP 2: Add the Tool-Part
1.Click Kinematic-elements toolbar > Add Part | In the graphic-area: Mouse-button-down, drag, mouse-button-up.

When you release your mouse-button, the Part will show.

Top-tip: Short-cut: Add Part = INSERT key on your keyboard


STEP 3: Edit the Tool-Part and add a sketch-loop
1.Mechanism-Editor: Edit the Tool-Part.
2.Part-Editor: Edit the Length of the Line | ( Double-click the dimension ) enter 100mm
3.Part-Editor: Geometry toolbar > Add Line × 5 + Add Arc × 1 as a sketch-loop (remember - Drag 2 times to add the Arc)
4.Part-Editor: Constraints toolbar > Add Horizontal × 3 and Vertical × 2| Click the Lines
5.Part-Editor: Constraints toolbar > Add Coincident | Click the centre-Point of the Arc, and the start-Point of the CAD-Line.
6.Part-Editor: Constraints toolbar > Add Dimensions | - See image - the sketch-elements should become fully constrained | Exit the Part-Editor.
btn_delkeywordAdd a Slide-Joint


STEP 1: Add a Line sketch to the Base-Part
1.Mechanism-Editor: Edit the Tool-Part.
2.Part-Editor: Geometry toolbar > Add Line  | In the graphic-area: Mouse-button-down, drag from Left-to-Right, mouse-button-up.
3.Part-Editor: Constraints toolbar > Add Horizontal | Click the Line
4.Part-Editor: Geometry toolbar> Add Dimension × 3 | The Line | Between the X-axis and the start-Point of the Line (left) | Between the Y-axis and the start-Point of the Line (left)

<<< See the image for the dimensions

5.Part-Editor: Exit the Part-Editor



STEP 2: Add a Slide-Joint between Tool-Part and Base-Part.
1.Mechanism-Editor: Click Kinematic-elements toolbar > Add Slide-Joint
2.Mechanism-Editor: Click the CAD-LineRed-14-1b along the centre of the Part
3.Mechanism-Editor: Click the LineRed-14-2 in the Base-Part

Save your Mechanism


Notes: The symbol for the Slide-Joint is:

A narrow-rectangle and a wide-rectangleRed-14-1bRed-14-2.

The length of each rectangle is equal to the length of each Line in the Slide-Joint. The:

oNarrow rectangleRed-14-1b : it represents a slide-rail.
oWide rectangleRed-14-2 : it represent a slide-block

A small arrowheadRed-14-3 : it shows the Positive-Direction of the Slide-Joint.

The Positive Direction is from the start-Point to the end-Point of the Line in the Base-Part and the CAD-Line in the Part.

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