Summary of this Step

Before we can use Add 2D-Cam, we must add the Cam-Follower to a Part. We define its shape and its position in the Part with the Part-Editor. We use Add-Profile to make it a Solid.

In this Step:

1.We use the Part-Editor to edit the Part to which we want to add the Cam-Follower Roller.
2.We use the sketch-editor to add a circular shape to become the Cam-Follower Roller.
3.We add a Profile to the shape of the Cam-Follower to make it a 'Solid'.


Cam-Followers are in continuous contact with the Cam surface.

There is not a command: 'Add Cam-Follower'. You must sketch the shape and define the position of the Cam-Follower in the Part-Editor as a sketch-loop. Then add a Profile to the shape in the Mechanism-Editor.

The shape of the Cam-Follower does not need to be circular. See Cam-Follower.

tog_minus        Video of this Step


Tutorial 6A-4

Add a Cam-Follower to a Part.

tog_minus        Start the Part Editor, Add a Circle, Add a Profile


Start the Part-Editor

The shape of a Cam-Follower Roller is a sketch-element that is a child to a Part!  Edit the Part to which you want to sketch-element to give the shape of the Cam-Follower Roller.

You know how to 'Start the Part-Editor'. There are many ways:

STEP 1: Double-click the Part-Outline1s-red
- or -
Right-click Part-Outline + Click the Edit Element
- or -
Click the Part-Outline and then Click the Edit Part icon Icon-EditPart to the left of the graphic-area.


Add and Dimension a Circle to specify the position and shape of the Cam-Follower

STEP 1: Click Add Circle in the Geometry toolbar
STEP 2: Click in the graphic-area and Drag the Circle radius out from the centre-Point
STEP 3: Dimension the centre of the Circle relative to the X-axis and Y-axis.
STEP 4: Dimension the radius of the Circle.

The Circle1s-red becomes black to indicate its definition is complete.

Step 4 is complete

STEP 5: Close the Part-Editor: Double-click the new Circle or the Part axes to return to the Mechanism-Editor


Add a Profile to the Circle

A Cam-Follower must be a Profile.

STEP 1: Click Add Profile in the Solids Toolbar,
- or -
Solids menu > Add Profile
STEP 2: Click the Circle1s-red
STEP 3: Click OK in the Command-Manager

Step 3 is complete

The Pink colour identifies the Profile1s-red. When we view the model from the 'Front- View, the Profile is in front of the Circle sketch-element.

See Application Settings | Colour tab to edit the colour of the Profile Element.

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