Summary of this Step

Before we can do Add 2D-Cam, we must add the Cam-Roller to one of the two parts in the Transforming-Mechanism.

We do not have the command: Add Cam-Roller. You must add a sketch-loop to a Part. Then, add a Profile to the sketch.

The Cam-Roller is circular.

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Tutorial 6A-4

Add a Cam-Roller


btn_delkeywordAdd the Cam-Roller


STEP 1: Edit the longer Part in the Transforming-Mechanism
1.Mechanism-Editor: Double-click the Part-OutlineRed-14-1b

- or -

1.Mechanism-Editor: Click the Part-OutlineRed-14-1b
2.Mechanism-Editor: Click Edit Part Icon-EditPartRed-14-2 in the vertical toolbar to the left of the graphic-area.


STEP 2: Add the Cam-Roller
1.Part-Editor: Click Geometry toolbar > Add Circle | Drag in the graphic-area from the centre-Point to the circle's Radius
2.Part-Editor: Click Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension | Click the Circle - to define its Radius
3.Part-Editor: Click Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension | Click the centre-Point and the X-axis, then , click the centre-Point and the Y-axis

The CircleRed-14-3 becomes black to indicate it is fully defined.

4.Exit the Part-Editor: You can double-click the Circle or the Y-axis to exit the Part-Editor.


STEP 3: Add a Profile to the Cam-Roller

A Cam-Roller must be a Profile.

1.Mechanism-Editor: Click Solids toolbar > Add Profile
2.Mechanism-Editor: Click the CircleRed-14-4 in the graphic-area.
3.Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager


STEP 4: Open the Extrusion dialog to edit Extrusion-Depth parameter of the Extrusion element

In the Front-View, the Profile/ExtrusionRed-14-5 is Pink and in-front of the Circle sketch-element.

1.Mechanism-Editor: SHIFT+CLICK the Pink Profile/ExtrusionRed-14-5

The Extrusion shows in the Selection-Window.

1.Selection-Window: Right-click the Extrusion
2.Selection-Window: Click Edit element in the contextual menu

The Extrusion dialog-box is now open.


STEP 5: Edit Extrusion-Depth parameter
1.Extrusion dialog-box: Extrusion Parameters > Extrusion Depth =20
2.Click OK-tiny-11-15 to the close the dialog-box


Save the mechanism.

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