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Before we can do Add 2D-Cam, we must add the Cam-Shaft.

The Cam-Shaft is a Part that rotates at constant-angular velocity. See Tutorial 1.

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Tutorial 6A-5

Add a Cam-Shaft


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In Step 6A.3, we added a LineRed-14-1b in the Base-Part.

The Point, at the left of the Line, is to locate the Pin-Joint and centre of the Cam-Shaft.

We must specify the angle between the Line in the Base-Part and a Line in the Cam-Shaft with a Motion-Dimension FB.

See also Tutorial 1, Step 5


STEP 1: Add the Part for the Cam-Shaft

It is possible to add a Pin-Joint as we add the Part.

1.Click Kinematic elements toolbar: Add Part.

Before you mouse-button-down to add the Part :

2.Mechanism-Editor: Hover above the PointRed-14-2 so that only the Point becomes red
3.Mechanism-Editor Mouse-button-down, ... drag, ... mouse-button up.

The Part and the Pin-Joint are added when you mouse-button-up.


1.Add the Motion-Dimension FB
1.Click Kinematic FB toolbar > Add Motion-Dimension FBRed-14-3
2.Mechanism-Editor: Click the Pin-JointRed-14-4
3.Mechanism-Editor: Click the LineRed-14-5 in the Base-Part.
4.Mechanism-Editor: Click the LineRed-14-6 in the Part.
5.Right-click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Command-Manager. | Right-Click is a SHORT-CUT and it puts the Motion-Dimension FB next to your mouse-pointer.

The Motion-Dimension FB shows next to your mouse-pointer. The Cam-Shaft is now a Green Part


STEP 3: Edit the start angle of the Cam-Shaft.

We will edit the angle of the Cam-Shaft so it is horizontal when the MMA is at 0.

1.Mechanism-Editor: Double-click the Motion-Dimension FB
2.Motion-Dimension dialog-box > Right-click the Base-Value in the data box to show the Zero/Round menu | Click Zero
3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the dialog-box.

The Cam-Shaft is now horizontal when the MMA = 0.



STEP 4: Connect the Line-Motion FB to the Motion-Dimension FB.
1.Mechanism-Editor: Hover above the output-connect of the Linear-Motion FB , mouse-button-down, drag, and to the input-connector of the Motion-Dimension FB, mouse button up.
STEP 5: Run toolbar > Cycle - or use the ALT+C key combination.


Save your mechanism

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