Step 6A1.3: Add a Transforming Mechanism

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Step 6A1.3: Add a Transforming Mechanism


Cam Terminology :

Descriptions and Definitions

Transforming Mechanism :

a Derived-Name for the Parts (dyad) in a kinematic-chain that transforms the motion of a Tool to a different motion for a Cam-Follower, usually located at a more convenient place in the machine.

Inverse-Kinematics :

the motion of Parts in a Transforming Mechanism are calculated from a Tool-Part that has its motion defined directly with FBs and MotionDesigner.

Dyad :

a kinematic-term for two Parts and three Joints that combine as a Transforming Mechanism.

Summary of this Step

Add a Transforming-Mechanism to the Tool-Part.

Notes on dyads:

Dyad is the kinematic term for the connection of:

Two Parts

Three Joints

We can describe a dyad with a three-letter acronym. Each letter represents a joint:

Pin-Joint is a Revolute-Joint. It has the letter R

Slide-Joint is a Prismatic-Joint. It has the letter P

Ball-Joint is a Spherical-Joint. It has the letter S

E.g. The R-R-P dyad has two Parts and two Revolute-Joints (Pin-Joints) and one Prismatic-Joint (Slide-Joint)

There are 5 Planar dyads, and, in MechDesigner, there are 2 Spatial dyads.

Video of this Step

Video: Add the RRR Dyad ('Transforming' Mechanism)

tog_minusEdit the Base-Part
tog_minusAdd two Parts and three Pin-Joints  – the Transforming Mechanism