Step 5.2: Wiring Diagram of FBs

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Step 5.2: Wiring Diagram of FBs

The Kinematic Function-Blocks (FBs)

Function-Blocks provide motion, process motion', or they identify Parts as Motion-Parts,and Sketch-Paths as Motion-Paths.

Schematics for Connecting Function-Blocks

The image shows, symbolically, how you can connect wires between Function-Blocks.

Schematic of how to join Golden Function-Blocks


Motion Providers

Motion Processors


Motion Provider FBs include:

Linear-Motion FB

The Linear-Motion FB must be in the first kinematic-chain in a Mechanism-Editor.

It has a range 0 to 360 (or a tiny bit less)

You can use one output-connector many times, or add a Linear-Motion FB many times.

Point-Data FB

Measurement FB

The output from a Measurement FB and Point-Data FB can be the independent variable for a Motion, a Motion-Part, or Motion-Point.

Motion Processor FBs include:

Motion FB

Gearing FB

For each value given at the input-connector, MechDesigner calculates a new motion value with the internal function and parameters. MechDesigner gives the new motion value at the output-connector

It is possible to connect many Motion Processors in series.

When a Gearing FB is immediately after a Linear-Motion FB, it will change the 'frequency' of the MMA.


Motion-Dimension FB

oRocker - a rotating-Part

oSlider - a sliding-Part

We add the motion-values at its input-connector to the Base-Value parameter.

Motion-Dimension FBs specify the distance or angle between two Parts.



Motion-Path FB:

oMotion-Point(s) sliding along a sketch-element


1.Do not have an input-connector.

2.We  can use the data at the output from a Point-Data and Measurement FBs:

as an independent variable, and 'range' of values, at the input-connector of a Motion FB

be the input to a Motion-Dimension FB and so 'drive' a Motion-Part, directly or indirectly, See Step 6.5

simply 'report' kinematic motion-values, with a Graph FB, for design and kinematic analysis


1.It is not always necessary to use these Function-Blocks – the Motion-Parts can get their motion-values directly from the Motion Providers.

2.Design the Motion FB in MotionDesigner, usually with an X-axis range from 0 to 360. However, the X-axis range at the input-connector does not need to be 0 to 360.

Motion-Parts and Motion-Points.

1.Add Motion-Dimension FBs to a Part that is joined to a kinematically-defined Part with a Slide-Joint or a Pin-Joint.

2.Add a Motion-Path FB to add a Motion-Point to a single sketch-element or number of 'merged' sketch-elements, as a sketch-path or a sketch-loop.