Step 10.4: Straight-Line kinematic-chains

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Step 10.4: Straight-Line kinematic-chains

Straight-Line Mechanisms


It is not possible to 'draw' a straight-line with simple tools.

Historically, it was difficult to manufacture linear guide-ways that had low friction. Also, after it was manufactured, it was impossible to measure its straightness.

However, it is relatively easy to make Parts of the same length. It is also relatively easy to measure their relative length.

Engineers, mathematicians and inventors searched for mechanism designs with Pin-Joints that could guide a Point, or Part, along a straight-line.

Engineers found mechanisms by trial and error, while mathematicians searched for mechanisms from analytical geometry.

Straight-Line Mechanisms are classified as:

Approximate Straight-Line Mechanisms

Exact Straight-Line Mechanisms

(See also: Gear-Trains and Straight-Line Mechanisms: See: Use Gear-Pairs )

Approximate Straight Line Mechanisms

tog_minusThe James Watt Straight-Line Mechanism (Linkage)

Exact Straight Line kinematic-chains

tog_minusThe Peaucellier Straight Line kinematic-chain