Where is the Base-Part Geometry?

1.Why is there not a CAD-Line in the Base-Part?

We do not want you to automatically add Joints to the Origin, X-axis or Y–axis of the Base-Part (and Mechanism Axes).

However, you are welcome to do this.


For the Base-Part, we have found it to be useful to add Points and Lines that are not at the Origin or along the X-axis or Y–axis. We then add dimensions to give the position of the Points and Lines relative to the origin of the Base-Part.


You can edit the dimensions later, and also add them to a Design-Set.

4.Why edit Points and Lines in the Base-Parts?

You have the design flexibility to:

1.Move the Joints, if the Points or Lines are used for Joints
2.Move the Plane and Mechanism-Editor in the Machine Frame, if a Line is used for a new Plane and then Mechanism-Editor.

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