Add Design-Set FB

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Add Design-Set FB

Why should I use a Design-Set?

Use Design-Sets to edit a number of dimensions and parameters in one place - the Design-Set.

Add to a Design-Set those dimensions and parameters that you believe to be important to the outcome of a design-objective. When dimensions are in a Design-Set, you cannot edit them in the model. You can add more than one Design-Set to the model.

Different Design Sets can be used for different purposes. A Design-Set to help make changes to a machine for a packaging size change.

A Design-Set should also remind you, or instruct other design engineers, which dimensions and parameters to edit.

You can even add to a Design-Set those dimensions that you do not want to edit. Give it the Label - Do Not Edit! In this way, you cannot accidentally edit the dimensions that you want to protect.

See Design-Set dialog

Add Design FB

STEP 1Add a Design-Set FB to the graphic-data


1.Click Function-Blocks menu > Design-Set


1.Click Modeling FB toolbar > Add Design-Set FB


2.Click the graphics-area

Design-Set in graphic-area

Design-Set in graphic-area

The Design-Set FB is in the graphics-area.

STEP 2: Open the Design-Set dialog

1.Double-click the Design-Set FB in the graphics-area or Assembly-Tree.


See How to open a dialog

Double-click the Design-Set

Double-click the Design-Set

The Design-Set dialog is now open.

STEP 3: See Design-Set dialog

Notes :

When you add a dimension to a Design-Set, you can edit the dimension only in the Design-Set.

The dimension-lines and extension lines of a Dimension that you add to the Design-Set are gray in the Part-Editor.


A Motion-Dimension FB is gray if you add the Base-Value parameter of the Motion-Dimension to a Design-Set.

Also, it includes a small icon at its bottom,right corner, to remind you its value has been added to the Design-Set.

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