Triple-Harmonic: Modified Trapezoidal Motion-Law

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Triple-Harmonic: Modified Trapezoidal Motion-Law

Triple-Harmonic: Approximate Modified Trapezoidal

This motion is approximately equal to the Modified-Trapezoidal motion-law.

1.Select the Triple Harmonic in the Motion-Law Selector

2.Open the Segment Editor.

3.Edit the Segment Parameters:

First Harmonic = 6.04 (optionally 5.96)

Second Harmonic = 0.0

Third Harmonic = 0.7296 (optionally 0.9696)

We calculate the third harmonic for you.


Example Harmonic Settings that give an Acceleration similar to a Modified Trapezoid.

Segment-Parameters that approximate the Modified Trapezoid motion-law

Pseudo Modified-Trapezoid motion-law from 3 Harmonics.

Pseudo Modified-Trapezoid motion-law from 3 Harmonics.


This law is continuous to Acceleration.

The output motion is near to the traditional Modified Trapezoidal Acceleration Cam-Law. However, it can be described by one mathematical function.

The maximum velocity is the same as the traditional law, but the nominal acceleration is slighter greater.