Segment Editor: Segment-Parameters

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Segment Editor: Segment-Parameters

Segment Editor : Segment Parameters

The Segment Parameters separator is available with many (not ALL) Traditional Motion-Laws.

The actual Segment-Parameters are unique to the Motion-Law.

Their details are described with each Motion-Law.

The best way to learn about the different Segment Parameters is to experiment with their values.

Segment-Parameters with the Sine-Constant Acceleration-Cosine motion-law

Segment-Parameters with the Sine-Constant Acceleration-Cosine motion-law

The image above shows the three Segment-Parameters for the Sine-Constant-Acceleration-Cosine motion-law.

The Constant-Fraction parameter, refers to the Non-Zero Constant Acceleration, and not the Zero Constant-Acceleration.

Note: Commercial Indexers

Commercial Indexers frequently use a Modified-Sine with motion-law with 20%, 33%, 50%, or 66% Constant-Velocity of the index-period.

A period of Constant-Velocity:

reduces the maximum velocity and a

reduces a Cam's Pressure-Angle.

increases the minimum width between the cam-tracks of a Globoidal-Cam, to increase the width of the rib.

In MotionDesigner, you can enter any percentage of Constant Velocity.

See also: Segment-Range, Segment-Width