Polynomial : Low Impact at Crossover.

Low Impact at Crossover is Not available in the Motion-Law Selector

See Crossover.

The Default Polynomial Low Impact Crossover Motion-Law is made with two Flexible-Polynomial Segments.

Start: Segment 1 @ Start

Position 1
Zero Velocity
Zero Acceleration
Jerk = Specified = 80*P.

Mid-Point: Segment 1 @ End = Segment 2@ Start

Position 0.5 = 0.5P
Maximum unspecified* Velocity [1.666'P]
Zero Acceleration
Unspecified Jerk (Becomes Zero)

End: Segment 2 @ End = Segment 1 @ Start

Position 2 = P
Zero Velocity
Zero Acceleration
Jerk = Specified = 80*P

* Unspecified (default). You may choose to specify these values.

Mid-Point (default). You can make this law asymmetrical, if you move the X-axis value.

CamLaw- 2Segment-LowImpact at Crossover

Application Notes

Cross-Over Jerk is Zero. Thus it is good motion-law where there is backlash. It is especially useful for those high-speed mechanisms where a moderate amount of backlash cannot be avoided.

Motion Coefficients

Cv = 1.667

Ca = 5.926

Cj = 80, -26.667

Cj at Crossover = 0.0

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