2: Model-Editor, Mechanism-Editor, Part-Editor

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2: Model-Editor, Mechanism-Editor, Part-Editor

2r Three Editors

Editor Workspace:

The three editor-types have the same workspace.


Graphic-Area :

To add, view, select, and edit elements

Contextual toolbars :

Toolbars to add elements that are contextual to each editor-type

Name-Tabs :

Tabs to select the Model or different Mechanism-Editors.

Each name-tab has a light-bulb and color icon.

Right-click a name-tab for a shortcut menu:

Open memo - see 6: Memo

Show with "other kinematic and sketch-elements" (Light-Bulb)

Edit color of "other kinematic and sketch-elements"


When you start a new project, you are in the Model-Editor.

You MUST use the Model-Editor to add a minimum of one Mechanism-Editor.

Model-Editor workspace


Click the Model name-tab to see the Model-Editor.

Graphic-area : the Orthogonal Front, Top, Right Planes, Planes that you add, Solids you add, the XYZ Triad at the Global Origin.

X–axis : Red-Arrow

Y–axis : Green-Arrow ( IMPORTANT : Gravity in direction of – Y-axis )

Z–axis : Blue-Arrow:

Use the Model Editor toolbar to:

Add Planes and add Mechanism-Editors

View MD-Solids and CAD-Solids in the model

Model toolbar

The Model elements toolbar is to the left of the graphic-area.

Model toolbar

Model toolbar


When you do the command Add Mechanism, you jump immediately to the new Mechanism-Editor with a new Mechanism name-tab.

Mechanism-Editor workspace


Use Mechanism-Editors to build your machine model.

Add to the Mechanism-Editor:

Parts, Joints, Gears, Cams, ... that become the kinematic-chains - the bones

Function-Blocks to plan how you want to move each kinematic-chain - the brain

Solids that become the 3D view - the flesh and skin on the bones

Springs to add external force functions - the muscles

You can also analyze:

Kinematics : Linear/ Angular Position, Velocity, Acceleration of any Part and Joint

Kinetostatic : Linear Force or Angular Torques

Mechanism-Editor toolbars

The contextual toolbars are left, right, and above the graphic-area.

Modeling FB toolbar - above the graphic-area


Solids toolbar - above the graphic-area


Kinematic-elements toolbar

Left of Graphic-Area


Kinematic-FB toolbar

Right of Graphic-Area


Machine-elements toolbar

Left of Graphic-Area


Forces toolbar

Right of Graphic-Area



Add Parts with the Mechanism-Editor.

Start the Part-Editor in the Mechanism-Editor workspace.

To edit a different Part: close the Part-Editor, return to the Mechanism-Editor, and edit the different Part.

See also How to Start the Part-Editor

Part-Editor workspace


Use the Part-Editor to add:

Sketch-elements : Points, Lines, Arcs, Circles, Blend-Curves, Splines

Dimensions and constraints to or between sketch-elements

Note: Constraints you add to a sketch-element show in the Selection-Window when you SHIFT-CLICK the sketch-element.

Part-Editor toolbars

Geometry toolbar

Left of Graphic-Area.


Constraints toolbar

Right of Graphic-Area