2: Model-Editor, Mechanism-Editor, Part-Editor

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2: Model-Editor, Mechanism-Editor, Part-Editor

2r Three Editors

Workspace for each editor:

The three editor-types have the same interface.


Graphic-Area :

Add, view, select, and edit elements

Contextual toolbars :

To add elements that are contextual to each editor. These toolbars are to the left and right of the Graphic-Area

Name-Tabs :

Click to view a different editor.

Show / Hide :

A light-bulb to indicate that you want to see this Mechanism-Editor as a Background Sketch

Use in combination with Visibility toolbar > Show other Kinematic and Sketch-Elements Mechanisms


When you start MechDesigner, you will see the Model-Editor workspace.

Note: You MUST use the Model-Editor to add at least one Mechanism-Editor.

Model-Editor workspace


Model-Editor workspace

1.Click the Model-Editor name-tab to move to the Model-Editor workspace.

graphic-area : shows the Front-Plane and the Triad at the Origin. To see the three orthogonal Planes, you must spin the view. To spin the view, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or View toolbar > Spin

X–axis : Red-Arrow

Y–axis : Green-Arrow ( IMPORTANT : Gravity  is – Y-axis )

Z–axis : Blue-Arrow:

Model-Editor toolbar


The Model-Editor toolbar is to the left of the graphic-area.

Use the Model-Editor toolbar to:

Add Planes

Add Mechanism-Editors

You must add a minimum of one Mechanism-Editor.


When you do Model-toolbar > Add Mechanism, you select a Plane. You jump immediately to the new Mechanism-Editor workspace, that has a new Mechanism name-tab. You can add Mechanism-Editors. to the same or different Planes.

Mechanism-Editor workspace


Use the Mechanism-Editor workspace to build your machine model.

Use Mechanism-Editor workspace to add:

Parts, Joints, Gears, Cams, ... that become the kinematic-chains - the bones

Function-Blocks to plan how you want to move each kinematic-chain - the brain

Solids that become the 3D view - the flesh and skin on the bones

Springs to add external force functions - the muscles

You can also analyze:

Kinematics : Linear/ Angular Position, Velocity, Acceleration of any Part and Joint

Kinetostatic : Linear Force or Angular Torques from the motion, mass and inertia of each Part in each Kinematic-Chain

Mechanism-Editor toolbars

The contextual toolbars are to the left, right, and above the graphic-Area.

Modeling FB toolbar - ABOVE GRAPHICS-AREA


Solids toolbar - ABOVE GRAPHICS-AREA


Kinematic-elements toolbar

Left of Graphic-Area


Kinematic-FB toolbar

Right of Graphic-Area


Machine-elements toolbar

Left of Graphic-Area


Forces toolbar

Right of Graphic-Area



Add Parts with the Mechanism-Editor.

Start the Part-Editor in the Mechanism-Editor workspace, which becomes the Part-Editor workspace.

To edit a different Part: close the Part-Editor, return to the Mechanism-Editor, and edit the different Part.

See also How to Start the Part-Editor

Part-Editor workspace



Use the Part-Editor to add:

Sketch-elements : Points, Lines, Arcs, Circles, Blend-Curves, Splines

Dimensions and constraints to or between sketch-elements

Note: Constraints you add show in the Selection-Window when you SHIFT-CLICK the sketch-element

Part-Editor toolbars

Geometry toolbar

Left of Graphic-Area.


Constraints toolbar

Right of Graphic-Area