Add 3D-Cam

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Add 3D-Cam


See also 3D-Cam dialog

We recommend you do these tutorials if you have not used this command before: MD-Globe-www Tutorial 6C: Barrel and Globoidal Cams

Add 3D-Cam and Degrees of Freedom

Add 3D-Cam does NOT remove a Degrees-of-Freedom.


3D-Cam :

A 3D-Cam has complex Cam-Flanks that interact with Cam-Follower Rollers. The axis the rotating 3D-Cam is not parallel with the rotating-axes of the Cam-Follower Rollers.

Barrel, Cylindrical, and Globoidal Cams are 3D-Cams.

Globoidal Cams are also known as Roller-Gear-Drives and Ferguson Cams.

Prepare to add a 3D-Cam (typical)

You must prepare the model with five(5) elements.


3 Mechanism-Editors for a Barrel Cam

4 Mechanism-Editors for a Globoidal Cam

All Parts are kinematically-defined before you do Add 3D-Cam.

Top-Tip: Rename the Mechanism-Editors to the names of the elements you need to Add 3D-Cam. See Rename dialog



Prepare the view:

1.Click Visibility toolbar > Show other Kinematic and Sketch elements

To show the Other Kinematic and Sketch elements in each Mechanism-Editor:

1.Right-click the name-tabRed-14-1b of each Mechanism-Editor that has an element you need to add a 3D-Cad

2.Click Show with other Kinematic and Sketch elements.

The Light-bulbs should now be orangeRed-14-2

Do not show Solids to Add 3D-Cam

1.De-select Visibility toolbar > Show Solids in Mechanism-Editor


Prepare the five elements:

Red-14-1 Part : Follower-Part in Mechanism-B

Red-14-2 Profile : Follower-Roller in Mechanism-B | the Profile must be circular.

Red-14-3 Part : Cam-Part in Mechanism-A - this must be the active Mechanism-Editor

Red-14-4 Profile : Cam-Blank in Mechanism-C

Red-14-5 Line : Line in Mechanism-C

Add 3D Cam


STEP 1: Click Add 3D-Cam


1.Mechanism-Editor: Add menu > Mechanism menu  > Add 3D-Cam


1.Mechanism-Editor: Machine-elements toolbar > Add 3D-Cam

There are five elements to select in the Command-Manager


Elements to add a 3D-Cam:

Elements to add a 3D-Cam:

STEP 2: Click the five elements, from top-to-bottom, in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

Red-14-1b Part: Cam-Follower Part: Click the Grey Part-Outline

Red-14-2 Profile: Cam-Follower Roller: Click the Grey Profile (contour)

Red-14-3 Part: Cam-Part: Click the Green Part-Outline in the active Mechanism-Editor

Red-14-4 Profile: Cam-Blank Profile: Click the Grey Profile (contour)

Red-14-5 Lines Cam-Blank Axis of Rotation: Click the Grey Line

STEP 3: Complete the command

1.Command-Manager: Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.


Result : Graphic-Area

You can see the 3D-Cam in the graphic-area.

The 3D-Cam has four surfaces, which enclose the solid volume that you cut from a Cam-Blank.

The four surfaces are:

Cam Flank x 2 - one flank for each working side of the Follower-Roller

Floor Surface - a surface to connect the bottom edges of the Cam-Flanks

Top Surface - a surface to connect the top edges of the Cam-Flanks. This surface should be outside of the Cam-Blank.

To edit the 3D-Cam parameters: See 3D-Cam dialog



Video: Add 3D-Cam