You use a Mechanism-Editor to:

ŸModel Planar Mechanisms and Cams.

You can choose to model on one Plane one or many mechanisms that are on parallel planes.

Put mechanisms that are parallel to a Plane on one Mechanism-Editor. When there are sub-assemblies parallel to a different Plane, you must use a different Mechanism-Editor.

ŸUse one Mechanism-Editor for each machine 'sub-assembly'.

Note: You must use at least two Mechanism-Editors when there is one or more 'spatial mechanisms'.

It is your choice when to use one or more Mechanism-Editors to model your machine. A new Mechanism-Editors is often required, but often it is a choice you must make.


You must add a minimum of one Mechanism-Editor, and you can add many. See Add Mechanism-Editor

Use Mechanism-Editors to:

Add Parts, Pin-Joints and Slide-Joints, to make kinematic-chains, then specify their motions with Function-Blocks
Add cams and cam-followers, use the cam analysis tools and export cam-coordinates for manufacture
Add Solids as Extrusions or Import Solids from SolidWorks
Measure kinematic data and kinetostatic forces
Add Gears, Belts, Pulleys, ...

Add Mechanism-Editors to:

Fixed Planes


Moving Planes

MechDesigner-Editor Name-tab 'icons'

Icon-MechanismEditor-NoParts  Icon to indicate the editor does not have an Added-Part [it is only a Base-Part]. There may be sketch-elements in the Base-Part.

Icon-MechanismEditor-~WithParts   Icon to indicate the editor has at least one Added-Part.


Open Memo:

You have the option to add a Memo to each Mechanism-Editor.

1.Right-click the Mechanism name-tab to show 'Open Memo'.

The memo remains with the Mechanism-Editor.


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