2.2 Mechanism-Editor:

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2.2 Mechanism-Editor:

2r Mechanism-Editor

You do most of your modeling in Mechanism-Editors.

See Add Mechanism-Editor - from the Model-Editor.

See Add Mechanism-Editor - from any Mechanism-Editor that you add to the model.

Mechanism-Editor workspace


Menus and Toolbars:

Model elements - add Planes and add Mechanism-Editors to Planes.

Kinematic elements - add the basic elements: parts, joints, to help you build kinematic-chains.

Machine elements - add more complex functioning parts to your model.

Kinematic Function-Blocks - synchronize and measure the motion of each kinematic-chain (right of graphic-area).

Modeling Function-Blocks - tools that help you do more complex modelling (above of graphic-area).

Force elements - measure force, torque, and power that is required to drive each kinematic-chain (right of graphic-area).

Solid elements - show kinematic elements as solid model elements. The toolbar is above the name-tabs (above of graphic-area).