See Add Mechanism-Editor

You must add a minimum of one Mechanism-Editor to a Plane [see Mechanism-Plane] that is in the Model-Editor.

If the mechanisms in the machine that you want to model are all on parallel planes, you can choose to add all of the mechanisms to the one Plane or to add each sub-assembly of mechanisms to a new Plane.

If the mechanisms in the machine you want to model are not on parallel planes, you must add a new Mechanism-Editor to different Plane for each sub-assembly of mechanisms.


Use Mechanism-Editors to:

Add Parts, Pin-Joints and Slide-Joints, to define kinematic-chains, specify their motions with Function-Blocks
Add cams and cam-followers, use the cam analysis tools, export cam-coordinates for manufacture
Add Gears, Belts, Pulleys, ...
Add Solids as Extrusions or Import Solids from SolidWorks
Measure kinematic motion-data and kinetostatic force-data

Add Planes and Mechanism-Editors to:

Fixed Planes


Moving Planes

Mechanism-Editor name-tab 'icons'

Icon-MechanismEditor-NoParts  Icon to indicate the editor does not have an Added-Part [only a Base-Part]. There may be sketch-elements in the Base-Part.

Icon-MechanismEditor-~WithParts   Icon to indicate the editor has at least one Added-Part.


Open Memo:

You have the option to add a Memo to each Mechanism-Editor.

1.Right-click the Mechanism name-tab to show 'Open Memo'.

The memo remains with the Mechanism-Editor.


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