Mechanism menu and Contextual toolbars

The kinematic and machine elements that you add to the model are the 'bones' of the machine model. To add 'flesh' over the 'bones' you will need to add Solids

Use kinematic-elements to build kinematic-chains that transform the motion of Parts with simple 'kinematic-pairs'
Use the machine elements to add more functional parts to the model to transform motions with complex 'kinematic-pairs'.
Nearly all of the elements you add are projected onto the Mechanism-Plane of the active Mechanism-Editor.

Mechanism menu - Machine elements toolbar

Note: You can do Add Mechanism and Add Plane in the active Mechanism-Editor and the Model-Editor.

Machine elements usually need elements in the model that you have added with commands from the Kinematic elements toolbar.

The Mechanism menu is a sub-menu of the Add menu.


Machine Elements toolbar

The Mechanism toolbar is actually two toolbars: Kinematic Elements toolbar and Machine-Elements toolbar.

The two toolbars are to the left of the graphic-area.

Add Bevel Gear-PairConfigure Conjugate-CamsAdd ScrollAdd 3D-CamAdd Gear-PairAdd Rack-PinionAdd Magnetic-JointAdd 2D-CamToolbar-Machine-elements


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