Add Conjugate Cam FB

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Add Conjugate Cam FB

Add Conjugate Cam FB

See Conjugate-Cam dialog

About Conjugate Cams

Why use a Conjugate Cam FB?

Typically, to analyze the Contact-Force and Contact Shear-Stress of a 2D-Cam, you select a 2D-Cam as the Power Source in the Configure Power-Source dialog.

However, if two Cams (called Conjugate-Cams) drive one kinematic-chain, you must add and configure a Conjugate Cam FB. Then select you can select it as the Power-Source in the Configure Power-Source dialog. If you do not use and configure a Conjugate Cam FB, the results will not be correct.

tog_minus-DARKCam-Terminology and 2D-Cam Work-flow.

Prepare to Add Conjugate Cam FB

You need a Conjugate Cam FB only to do the correct Force-Analysis when a two Cams drive one kinematic-chain.


Preparation: The elements in the model before you do Add Conjugate-Cam FB:

Two(2) 2D-Cams on one kinematic-chain Part. For example, on a Cam-Shaft

Two(2) or more Follower-Profiles* in a different kinematic-chain. For example, on a Rocker

Each 2D-Cam must display one Cam-Profile - the Inner or the Outer.

See 2D-Cam dialog

* Follower-Roller and/or Flat-Faced Follower

See also Shape of the Follower-Profile.

Add Conjugate Cam FB


STEP 1:Add the Conjugate-Cam FB


1.Mechanism-Editor: Add menu > Mechanism menu  > Add Conjugate-Cam FB

- or -

1.Mechanism-Editor: Machine-elements toolbar > Add Conjugate-Cam FB

The Conjugate-Cam-FB is now in the graphic-area.



STEP 2:Edit the Conjugate-Cam FB


1.Double-click the Conjugate-Cam FB in the graphic-area


1.See How to open a dialog

The Conjugate-Cam dialog is now open.

STEP 3:See Conjugate-Cam dialog