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Dialog Conjugate-Cam dialog-box

See: Add Conjugate Cam FB.

If your design includes a Conjugate-Cam, and the Force-Analysis is important - which we expect - then you must do:

STEP 1: Add and Edit Conjugate-Cam FB - select two 2D-Cams

STEP 2: Configure the Power-Source - select the Conjugate Cam as the Power Source.

STEP 1: Add Conjugate Cam dialog-box


In the graphic-area of the Mechanism-Editor:

1.Double-click the Conjugate-Cam FB

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box  

The Conjugate-Cam FB is now open.

Conjugate-Cam dialog-box


To add 2D-Cams

In the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree

1.Click a 2D-Cam

2.Click a different 2D-Cam

2D-Cam #2 and #1 must drive the same Cam-Follower Part - See Note 1

Each 2D-Cam can only drive one Cam-Flank - the Inner-Cam-Flank or the Outer Cam-Flank.

Note 1 : If you select a 2D-Cam that does not drive the same Cam-Follower as the other 2D-Cams in the Conjugate-Cam dialog : Cam-Track list, you will get this message in the Feedback Area.



3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the dialog-box.

To do Force Analysis of the Conjugate Cams, you must select the Conjugate-Cam FB in the Configure Power Source dialog-box.

To remove a 2D-Cam from the list

1.Select the 2D-Cam in the list


STEP 2: Configure the Power

Configure Power Source dialog-box

Configure Power Source dialog-box

Configure the Power Source

1.Click the Kinematics-Tree tab in the Element Explorer

2.Click the Kinematics-Chain that with the Cam-Follower Part

3.Right-click the Kinematic-Chain

4.Click Configure the Power Source to open the Configure Power-Source dialog-box

In the Configure Power-Source dialog-box

5.Click the Conjugate Cam in the list of elements in the bottom box.

Now you can do Contact-Force Analysis for the Conjugates-Cams.