Add Parameter-Control FB

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Add Parameter-Control FB

Why should I use a Parameter-Control FB?

Use a Parameter-Control FB to:

control the dimension (length or radius) of a sketch-element

control the Extrusion Depth of an MD-Solid*

control the Extrusion-Offset of an MD-Solid*

Apply a Parameter-Control FB for Mechanism-Synthesis, or animations with more realistic effects.

* When a Parameter-Control FB controls the Extrusion-Depth or Extrusion-Offset of an Extrusion that has many facets, the model is slower to cycle.

See also : Parameter-Control dialog

Add Parameter-Control FB

STEP 1Add a Parameter-Control FB to the graphic-data

Add Parameter-Control FB

1.Click Function-Blocks menu > Parameter-Control


1.Click Modeling FB toolbar > Add Parameter-Control FB


2.Click the graphics-area

The Parameter-Control FB is in the graphics-area.

STEP 2:Open the Parameter-Control dialog

1.Double-click the Parameter-Control FB in the graphics-area or Assembly-Tree


1.See How to Open a dialog.

The Parameter-Control dialog is now open.

STEP 3:See Parameter-Control dialog