Add Pattern FB

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Add Pattern FB

Why should I use a Pattern FB?

When you have Solids in your model, you can use a Pattern FB to make an array of one or more the Solids.

The Pattern FB is more capable than an Add Array tool as found in your CAD.

The Pattern FB must anticipate the motion of each Solid at each instant of the machine-cycle relative to the other Parts in the model.

When you use the Pattern FB to make an array of a Solid, and hide a Copy at different phases in the machine-cycle, you also remove its Mass-Properties.

See also: Pattern dialog

Add Pattern FB

What to do :

STEP 1Add a Pattern FB to the graphic-data  

Add Pattern FB

1.Click Add menu > Add Pattern FB


1.Click Modeling FB toolbar > Add Pattern FB


2.Click the graphic-area

The Pattern FB is in the graphic-area.

STEP 2Open the Pattern dialog

1.Double-click a Pattern FB in the graphic-area (or Assembly-Tree )


See How to Open a dialog.

The Pattern dialog is now open.

STEP 3See Pattern-FB dialog.

Application Note: Pattern FB and a DRIVING Pulley:

A Driving Pulley is one in which the motion is applied to the Pulley and not to the Motion-Path FB.

If the Pulley makes one rotation in a machine-cycle, the Motion-Point (that represents the motion of the Belt) will not move along the complete length of the sketch-path in one machine-cycle.

If you want to use a Pattern FB to model an array of Solids along the complete length of a Belt, you must make changes to the rotation of the Pulley.

1.Add a Gearing FB to the input-connector of the Motion-Dimension FB that controls the motion of the Pulley

2.Open the Gearing FB dialog

3.Edit the Gearing Ratio = Belt-Length / Pulley-Circumference

The Pattern of the Solid elements should now be at equal spaces along the complete Belt-Length.