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Dialog: Function-Block: Pattern

Pattern FB

See Add Pattern FB

If you use regular CAD, you know about circular and linear arrays. In MechDesigner, there is more complexity because parts have complex motions.

A Pattern FB makes Copies of Profile/Extrusions and CAD-Solids - see Solids,

The Pattern FB anticipates the motion of each Copy and puts each Copy at a different phase of the machine-cycle.

The Pattern FB can show or hide each Copy for the machine-cycle.

The Pattern FB can show or hide each Copy as it passes through different phases of the machine-cycle.

Use Visibility toolbar > Show Solids in Mechanisms to see the Copies of the Solids that are generated by the Pattern FB.

How to open the Pattern FB dialog


Open the Pattern FB dialog:

1.Click the Pattern FB in the Assembly-Tree.

The Pattern FB is now in the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the Pattern FB element in the Selection-Window

3.Click Edit element in the shortcut menu


1.See How to Open a dialog.

The Pattern Elements dialog is now open.

Pattern dialog

Pattern FB dialog

Pattern FB dialog

There are two tabs in the Pattern dialog:

Pattern Elements tab

Phase Visibilities tab

Pattern Elements tab

tog_minus        Enable and Pattern Type

tog_minus        Pattern Elements

Phase Visibilities tab

To help you understand what the Phase-Visibilities can do, it is helpful to think of a chain around a circular 12-hour clock. The chain moves continuously around the clock. One of the chain-links is the Source Pattern-Element (Solid).

Use PHASES to decide how many chain-links you want in the chain - called # Copies

Use PHASES to hide one or more chain-links (the Copies) permanently, all the way around the clock.

Use Pattern Visibility to hide each chain-link, one link after the next link, as it moves between hours, for example, between 6 and 9 o'clock.

tog_minus        Phases 

tog_minus   Pattern Visibility

tog_minusHow to use the Pattern Visibility interface