Mechanism | Add Magnetic-Joint

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Mechanism | Add Magnetic-Joint

Add Magnetic-Joint

See also: Magnetic-Joint dialog

See also: Add Profile, Sketch-Loop, Add Motion-Dimension FB;

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Magnetic-Joint :

A Magnetic-Joint pulls a circular Profile to be in contact with an irregular Profile or a Curve.


Two contours, that are a copy of the shape of a sketch-loop, that indicate the range of an extrusion - an MD-Solid.

Curve :

the shape that we derive from a Point-Cloud

Point-Cloud :

Coordinates for a shape that you import - see Point-Cloud FB


Do not use Magnetic-Joints for normal modeling.

A Magnetic-Joint does not use closed-form mathematical equations. The position of the Magnetic Driven-Part is solved with iterative, root-finding techniques. The model is more than 1000s times slower to solve than Slide-Joint, Pin-Joint, and Motion-Dimension FBs.

Preparation for Add Magnetic-Joint (Typical)


Red-14-1b A Part, to which the Irregular-ProfileRed-14-2 is a child.

Red-14-2 An Irregular-Profile, which is a

Profile that you add to a sketch-loop,


Curve that you calculate from a Point-Cloud

Red-14-5 A Part, to which the Circular ProfileRed-14-4 is a child.

Red-14-3  The Motion-Dimension FB that becomes driven by the action of the Magnetic-Joint.

The Magnetic-Joint pulls the Circular-ProfileRed-14-4 onto the Irregular-ProfileRed-14-2.

Add Magnetic-Joint


STEP 1: Pre-Position the Circular Profile

1.HOME the model: Use the ALT+H key combination, or Run menu > Home.

2.Edit the Motion-Dimension FBRed-14-3 | Base-Value so that the:

Distance from the Circular-ProfileRed-14-4 to the Irregular-ProfileRed-14-2  ...

... <  0.5 × Radius of Circular-ProfileRed-14-4

Note: See also Magnetic-Joint dialog-box > Advanced

STEP 2:Add Magnetic-Joint

1.Mechanism-Editor: Add menu > Mechanism menu  > Add Magnetic-Joint

- or -

Add Magnetic-Joint icon

1.Mechanism-Editor: Kinematic-elements toolbar > Add Magnetic-Joint

STEP 3:Select the elements in the graphic-area:

1.Click the Irregular ProfileRed-14-2

2.Click the Motion-Dimension FBRed-14-3 that you want to 'drive' with the Magnetic-Joint.

3.Click Circular ProfileRed-14-4

STEP 4: Complete the Command

1.Command-Manager: Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.


Result: (usually)

The Magnetic-Joint pulls the Circular-ProfileRed-14-4 to be in contact with the Irregular-ProfileRed-14-2.

A Point SymbolRed-14-6 is at the contact.

The Magnetic-Joint FBRed-14-7 is near to the Point-SymbolRed-14-6

There is a Magnetic-Joint iconRed-14-8 below and right of the Motion-Dimension FBRed-14-3 that is driven by the Magnetic-Joint.


STEP 5: Open the Magnetic-Joint dialog-box


Video: Add a Magnetic-Joint