Dialog: Magnetic-Joint

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Dialog: Magnetic-Joint


A Magnetic-Joint pulls a Circular Profile to be in continuous contact with an Irregular Profile / Curve*. The Circular Profile and the Irregular Profile / Curve are in different Parts and kinematic-chains.

After you add the Magnetic-Joint, the motions of the two kinematic-chains are related by the contact between the Circular Profile and Irregular Profile / Curve.

* The shape of the irregular Profile can be:

a Profile that you add to a sketch-loop


a Curve that we calculate for you from a Point-Cloud

How to open the Magnetic-Joint dialog

See also: Add Magnetic-Joint.


Before you edit a Magnetic-Joint:

1.Click the Home key on your keyboard to move the MMA to zero.

2.Click a Magnetic-Joint FB in the graphics-area (see image to the left)

The Magnetic-Joint element is in the Selection-Window

3.Right-click the Magnetic-Joint element in the Selection-Window

4.Click Edit element in the shortcut menu.


1.See How to Open a dialog

Note: There are three states for the Magnetic-Joint icon.


Enabled Magnetic-Joint - We find a solution


Disabled Magnetic-Joint - Magnetic-Joint is not active.


Enabled Magnetic-Joint - We did not find a solution

Magnetic-Joint dialog

Magnetic-Joint dialog

Magnetic-Joint dialog

The Magnetic-Joint dialog has three separators:

 Following Options 

 Radius Control 


btn_delkeyword Following Options 
btn_delkeyword Radius Control 
btn_delkeywordAdvanced (with Notes)