Add Reference Geometry

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Add Reference Geometry

Reference Geometry


Reference Geometry :

General term for a sketch-element that is a copy of a sketch-element from a different Mechanism-Editor to the active Mechanism-Editor.

Source Sketch-Element :

A sketch-element, in a moving or stationary Part in a different Mechanism-Editor.

Reference Sketch-Element :

A copy of the Source sketch-element, and its motion, to a Part in the active Mechanism-Editor.



Preparation example:

Two(2) Mechanism-Editors

Source Red-14-1b

Reference Red-14-2 - this is the active editor

A CircleRed-14-3 in Source sketch-element

The Circle is in the Source Mechanism-Editor.

To see the Source Mechanism-Editor when the Reference Mechanism-Editor is active.

Visibility toolbar > Show other Kinematic and Sketch elements


Right-click Mechanism name-tab of the Source mechanism-Editor and select Show with 'other Kinematic and Sketch elements'.


View toolbar > Spin or use your arrow keys on your keyboard to spin the model to see the two editor.

Add Reference Geometry


STEP 1:Start the Add Reference-Geometry command

Add Reference Geometry icon

1.Add menu > Mechanism menu  > Add Reference Geometry


1.Kinematic elements toolbar > Add Reference Geometry  

The Command-Manager indicates you must select two(2) elements

STEP 2:Select the two elements in the graphic-area

2.Click a sketch-element in the Source Reference-Editor.

Click the CircleRed-14-3 in the Source Mechanism-EditorRed-14-1b.

3.Click a Part in the Reference Mechanism-Editor

In this case there is only one Part - the Base-Part - in the Reference Mechanism-Editor.

STEP 3:Complete the Command

4.Command-Manager: Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager.


Result :

The Reference GeometryRed-14-4 is now in the Reference Mechanism-Editor.

The motion of the Source GeometryRed-14-3 are also transferred to the Reference Mechanism-Editor.




Video: Add Referecne-Geometry