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What is 'Auto-Layer'?

Auto-Layer automatically adds an Extrusion-Offset to all Extrusions. It is intended that extrusions do not collide when the mechanism moves.


Before you do Auto-Layer this command, you would usually do Solids toolbar > Auto-Profile (Mechanism)

To see Solids, do Visibility toolbar > Show Solids in Mechanisms to see Solids.



Toolbar :

Solids toolbar > Auto-Layer

Menu :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Solids sub-menu > Auto-Layer

To Layer :

1.Click Solids toolbar > Auto-Layer

- or -

1.Click Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Solids sub-menu > Auto-Layer

Result :

Auto-Layer applies Extrusion-Offset and Part-Offset to move each Extrusion element by a different offset distance.

After Auto-Layer, when you do Run menu > Cycle, Extrusions should move across each other, and not move through each other.

You can also edit the Extrusion-Offset and Part-Offset of each Extrusion with the Extrusion dialog-box.