Mechanism-Editor: Solids menu and toolbar

The Solids menu is a sub-menu to the Mechanism menu, which is a sub-menu to the Add menu.

The Solids toolbar is above the graphics-area.

Use the Solids menu and Solids toolbar to add:

Profile elements [with Extrusion elements] to Parts.
Hole elements that cut through Profile elements

Profiles and Holes, are added to a sketch-loop. Profiles are the basis of the MechDesigner Solids.

Auto-Profiles to each Part, but their shapes are limited to Arcs and Lines to give an oval shape around each Part.
Polylines to 2D-Cams and Gears-Pairs. If the Polyline is 'closed', you can add a Profile to the Polyline to make Cams and Gear-Pairs become 'Solid'.

Note: To import a Solid from CAD, edit a CAD-Line to open the CAD-Line dialog-box

Solids Menu


Solids toolbar

The Solids toolbar is ABOVE the graphic-area





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