Auto-Profile (Part)

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Auto-Profile (Part)

What is Auto-Profile (Part)?

Do Add Auto-Profile to add a simple sketch-loop and one Auto-Profile / Extrusion to a Part you select in the graphic-area.

If you do Add Profile again to the same Part, you will remove the sketch-loop and Auto-Profile / Extrusion from the Part

See also

Auto-Profile (Mechanism).


Do Visibility toolbar > Show Solids in Mechanisms to see the Solids in a Mechanism-Editors.

To edit an Extrusion: SHIFT+CLICK the Auto-Profile to see the Auto-Profile AND Extrusion elements in the Selection-Window.

Auto-Profile (Part)


Solids toolbar > Auto-Profile (Part)

Command :

Solids menu > Add Auto-Profile (Part)

Command-Manager Add Auto-Profile

Add Auto-Profile

To do Add Auto-Profile:

1.Click Solids Toolbar > Add Auto-Profile

The Command-Manager has one selection-box.

In the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree:

2.Click a Part-Outline.

3.Click OK-tiny-15-18 in the Command-Manager.

If the Part you select does not have an Auto-Profile:

We add a sketch-loop and an Auto-Profile to the Part.

If the Part you select does have an Auto-Profile:

We delete the Auto-Profile and the sketch-loop from the Part.

The shape of the sketch-loop is a function of the Joints.

<< The image shows the Auto-Profile (Pink) around a Slide-Joint and a Pin-Joint.

Auto-Profile in Mechanism-Editor

Auto-Profile in Mechanism-Editor

Auto-Profile in Part-Editor

Auto-Profile in Part-Editor

Auto-Profile sketch-elements:

you cannot select, edit, or delete them or their constraints

you cannot add Joint to their Lines or Points.

you can edit the Radius (dimension) to edit the size of the sketch-loop around Part's Points

<< The image shows the sketch-loop around the Points in the Part that reference a Slide-Joint and also a Pin-Joint.

tog_minusTo edit an Extrusion - Special-Case