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-> Cam Life tab

2D-Cam dialog-box: Cam Life tab

To Calculate Cam Life, you must :

Parameters tab

STEP 1:Enable Show Roller and Cam Life

STEP 2:Enter a safety factor (CAM)

See Parameters tab > Enable Lifetimes, Edit Safety-Factor 

Cam Life tab

STEP 3:Enable / Disable “Allow Pitting to ~15% of the Cam Surface”

STEP 4:Select a Steel Category, Heat-Treatment, and Steel Quality for the Cam

STEP 5:Enter the Steel's Hardness as HV, HB, or HRC, within the Minimum and Maximum Hardness Limits

Review the Lifetime Results

2D-Cam dialog-box > Cam Life tab

2D-Cam dialog-box > Cam Life tab

Cam Life: tab

Click to exapand /collapseEnable Pitting Factor
Click to exapand /collapse Cam Material and Hardness 

Cam-Life Results

Click to exapand /collapse Inner / outer  flank + Steel Category # , Quality, and Category Name