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2D-Cam dialog: Roller Life tab


Before you can calculate the Roller Life, you must make sure you Configure the Power Source for the kinematic-chain with the Cam-Follower Part so that its power is from the 2D-Cam. See Configure Power Source


Catalogue names for Roller bearings include Track-Rollers, Track-Followers, and Cam-Followers.


To Calculate Roller Life, you must:


Parameters tab ( Parameters tab > Enable Lifetimes, Edit Safety-Factor  )

STEP 1:Enable Show Roller and Cam Life

STEP 2:Enter a Safety Factor (CAM)

Note: The Roller's Safety-Factor is equal to the Square of the Cam's Safety-Factor.

Top-Tip - Enter Safety-Factor = 1 to help you the basic Roller Life results, then enterparameters.

Roller Life tab

STEP 3:Select a Roller bearing manufacturer and Roller bearing

If you Enable ISO 281 Modification Factors:

STEP 4:Select or enter a Reliability Factor

STEP 5:Enter the Oil Operating Temperature, and Oil Viscosity at two other Temperatures (usually 40ºC and 100ºC)

STEP 6:Enter the Lubrication Type and select the Contamination Level.

Review the Roller's Lifetime

2D-Cam dialog > Roller Life tab  Select a Manufacturer and Bearing Part-Number of Parameter

2D-Cam dialog > Roller Life tab
Select a Manufacturer and Bearing Part-Number of Parameter

Roller Life tab

Click to exapand /collapseSelect a Roller bearing Manufacturer and Part-Number.
Click to exapand /collapse ISO 281 Parameters 
Click to exapand /collapse Roller Life :  Bearing P/N                                  

More information regarding the Modification Factors

Click to exapand /collapseLife Modification Factors for Reliability, a1
Click to exapand /collapseLife Modification Factor for System Approach, aiso