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See also: Mass-Properties tab, DXF tab, STL Import tab, Display Options tab.

Use the SOLIDWORKS tab

Import a CAD file directly from SOLIDWORKS - see below

Remove a CAD file that is already imported

Specify the accuracy of the CAD file you import

In SolidWorks:

STEP 1.Make sure the document you want to import from SolidWorks is open and it is the active document.

STEP 2.Make sure the SolidWorks document has a file-name.

STEP 3.Usually, add a Coordinate-System to the SolidWorks document to align it to the CAD-Line.

Note: To see CAD-Solids in Mechanism-Editors, enable Visibility toolbar > Show Solids in Mechanisms

CAD-Line dialog-box

SolidWorks tab

CAD-Line dialog-box > SOLIDWORKS tab

CAD-Line dialog-box > SOLIDWORKS tab

 Import from SOLIDWORKS 

CAD-Line dialog > SOLIDWORKS tab

CAD-Line dialog > SOLIDWORKS tab

STEP 1: Click the ReadRed-14-2 button

WAIT until the

SolidWorks® Part/Assembly (read-only) shows in boxRed-14-4

SolidWorks Configuration (read-only) shows in boxRed-14-5

Model Status (read-only) shows in boxRed-14-6

Model Status:

Unavailable - before you import SolidWorks® document the first time.

Out of Date - the file in boxRed-14-4 is older than the current date/time.

Up to Date - the date/time of file in boxRed-14-4 is the equal to the date/time when imported.

If necessary:

Select which SolidWorks Coordinate-SystemRed-14-8

STEP 2: Click the Import Red-14-12 Button

Wait - a large model can take time to import.

Optional Buttons(Red-14-1bRed-14-3)

ButtonRed-14-1b : Remove : the SolidWorks® documentRed-14-4 from the CAD-Line

ButtonRed-14-3 : OPEN : the SolidWorks® documentRed-14-4 in SolidWorks

ButtonRed-14-11 : Rename CAD-Line to the SolidWorks document file-name.

CAD Solid File Quality Red-14-10a

Fine: more vertices

Coarse: fewer vertices

Custom : edit with:

Linear DeviationRed-14-7: Maximum =0.5mm; Minimum =0.014mm

Angular DeviationRed-14-9: Maximum =30º; Minimum =0.4º

WARNING : Number-of-Vertices may increase rapidly as you reduce the Linear/Angular Deviation. Often the CAD-Solid will not appear to improve! Experiment.

See also: Edge Angle Limit.